’64 R-Code 427 Super Marauder Rakes In Six Figures At Mecum Indy


Think back to the last time you saw an early Mercury Marauder. We’re talking first generation (1963) all the way to the end of the second (1970). Though to be fair, the Marauder nameplate first made its debut as early as 1958, back when the Mercury, Lincoln and Edsel brands were thriving right alongside the Blue Oval.

In fact, some of the earliest iterations of the Marauder, like this 1964 example from Mecum Auctions, were based off of Ford’s design. See that Fastback roofline design? We can thank NASCAR for that. As the aero wars waged on in the early ’60s, we were rewarded on the OEM side with a handful of amazing cars from the Blue Oval.

According to Mecum, this '64 Mercury Super Marauder R-Code is a one of one example finished in code-D Medium Turquoise with a white interior.

Case in point is the aforementioned Marauder from Mecum Indy, and this 1964 Mercury Super Marauder is an R-Code example. We’re certain most of you already know just what exactly the “R-Code” entails, but for those of you who don’t – just know that this sleek, luxury styled coupe is packing a 427 cubic-inch big block Ford V8. And, like many of the other R-Code garden varieties of the ’60s, this is probably one car you won’t soon see in person.

As one of forty two cars produced this year, this Marauder is also one of nine Parklane two-door fastbacks built (allegedly, there are only three known to exist). The car recently had a comprehensive 3-year frame-off restoration, and sold for a quaint $100,000 at this year’s Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis, Indiana. Think we’ll ever see another one like this again?


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