A BOLT Trailer Lock Is More Than Just Security, It’s Piece Of Mind

If you tow a trailer, be it an open deck, enclosed, or even a camper, you really need to consider ways to secure not just the load, but the trailer itself. There have been too many trailers with classic cars, drag cars, and even construction equipment getting stolen as of late, so a good trailer lock is a must-have item. There are many styles of trailer locks available to help you secure your trailer, and BOLT Lock is a company that can help you “lock down” everything you own.

You might be thinking that all trailer locks are the same, a trailer lock is a trailer lock, and whatever you have will work. I’m not going to argue that point, but after I did some research, I learned that really isn’t true. I found that BOLT Lock does offer something that many other lock companies do not.

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For starters, BOLT locks can be “programmed” to be used with your truck’s ignition key. This not only provides you with convenient security, but it also means you always have the right key in hand to unlock the lock. It doesn’t matter if you have one or 20 locks, you only need one key with BOLT locks. How you “program” the lock is easy. The first time you insert your ignition key into the lock the spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they are matched exactly to your key. As you rotate your key for the first time the position of these plate tumblers is permanently set to your key.

While looking at both my open gooseneck trailer and my toy hauling camper, I realized I would need to order several locks. However, since they are programmable, that is not an issue.

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BOLT offers a 5/8-inch Receiver Lock for most trucks and SUVs with a Class III, Class IV, and Class V hitch, as well as a 1/2-inch Receiver Lock that fits Class I and Class II hitches.

Lock Up That Receiver

Every trailer has a receiver (the part that “receives” the hitch ball assembly) and nothing is more depressing than finding out someone took your hitch because it was easy to remove. A receiver lock is one way to ensure no one removes your hitch or unhooks your trailer when you park. The BOLT receiver locks are plated with a cast-zinc cylinder and case, so corrosion resistance is built in. They feature a durable, stainless-steel pin, a rugged cover jacket, an automotive-grade lock shutter to keep out weather and debris, and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping. Bumping is a way thieves bust your lock and take what they want.

Couple Clamp Security

The BOLT Coupler Pin Lock fits couplers from 1/2-inch to 3-3/8-inch and is adjustable in increments of 1/8-inch. This width option allows for a snug fit in any latch. The lock is designed to slide easily along the stainless-steel pin and is engineered with no exposed shackle, helping further deter theft. It features a plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping and its stainless-steel lock shutter helps keep out dirt and moisture.

“The Coupler Pin Lock is designed for a wide range of coupler sizes, offering anyone that tows versatility in addition to the improved level of security BOLT technology provides,” says BOLT Lock’s Sales Account Manager, Jason Buckles. Personally, I can see this even having just the ball with the shank removed stuck inside the coupler before the lock is put in place.

The King Trailer Lock

The BOLT Kingpin Trailer Lock System features a U-shaped, black powder-coated hardened steel collar that wraps around the kingpin of your fifth-wheel trailer and is secured by a BOLT 5/8-inch Receiver Lock to securely keep your trailer locked down. The new BOLT Kingpin Locking System is ideal for protecting camping trailers, construction trailers, and any trailer utilizing a kingpin coupler.

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The kingpin lock surrounds the pin and the Receiver Lock secures it.

“Our Fifth Wheel Kingpin Trailer Lock System was developed to expand the uses for our very popular 5/8” Receiver Lock,” said Buckles. “Adding our new Kingpin Locking System to our Receiver Lock enables users to secure anything that is being towed with a fifth wheel type receiver, ramping up security for either work-related or recreational towing applications.”

Coupled And Clamped Trailer Lock

The Trailer Coupler Lock is definitely a theft deterrent. It is made of hardened steel for extra security, and this trailer lock works with 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, and 2-5/16-inch couplers to keep a variety of trailers secure while unattended. The innovative BOLT trailer lock is a visible theft deterrent that is designed with a unique plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping. A highly durable powder-coated finish is factory applied to the lock to keep dirt and moisture out while protecting the locking mechanism from harsh weather.

“Our BOLT Trailer Coupler Lock brings the convenience of one-key technology to those who routinely use and store their trailers,” says Buckles. “This new addition to our lock line is a highly visible deterrent that sends would-be thieves on their way and gives trailer owners a piece-of-mind that their investment is secure when not in use. Since this trailer lock works with the vehicle ignition key, you never have to worry about keeping track of an extra key.”

Securely Cabled

Are you hauling stuff on your trailer that needs to be secured? The BOLT Cable Lock is made from a 1/4-inch coiled cable with 1/16-inch-thick black vinyl coating. It features an automotive-grade lock shutter to keep out weather and debris, is coil sprung for compact storage, and a six-plate tumbler sidebar prevents picking and bumping. Because of the programmable lock, BOLT Cable Locks are year/make/model specific, and numerous locks can be used with one vehicle ignition key.

“Professionals use multiple cable locks on the job site, and that can mean countless chances for misplaced keys and lost productivity,” Buckles states.  “Our patented technology simplifies this by delivering one-key convenience and eliminating the need to carry extra keys.  Plus, our auto-return spring automatically locks when the key is removed for added security.”

Your Last Padlock

Everyone needs a padlock or two and BOLT’s Padlock can be used in a wide variety of applications. These locks feature a sleek design with a spring-loaded, 2-inch chrome-plated 5/16-inch diameter hardened steel shackle inside a crush-resistant rubber shell. The padlock has an automotive-grade, stainless-steel lock shutter that keeps out weather and debris.

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Designed for commercial and recreational applications alike, it offers improved performance thanks to its double-ball-bearing locking mechanism.  The padlock also includes a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping. Are you noticing a theme about BOLT Locks? They really want to secure your stuff.

The BOLT padlock works with most GM (early and late model), Ford, Jeep, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan vehicles on the road today. Also, all BOLT locks come with a limited lifetime warranty.

When you’re serious about securing your trailers and loads, make it easier with the one-key technology that you get with the BOLT lock system.

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