A Tip Of The Can: This Concentrate Can Blend Your Own Race Gas

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In 2007, Dan Muldowney, the founder of Motorsports Fuel and Equipment Inc., began developing an additive called RACE GAS Fuel Concentrate following costly detonation damage to his exotic road race flat-six engine.

“At the races, I bought some bad racing gas, and I holed multiple pistons at two different events,” Muldowney recalls. “The track’s 110-octane fuel I bought should have been plenty of octane, so I had to find a way to solve this problem.”

What he set out to do is create a race fuel concentrate. “What we created is a race fuel concentrate that, when added to quality pump gas, raises the chemical energy, the chemical oxygen, and the octane of the fuel to equal that of distilled racing fuel,” says Muldowney.

We used this concentrate exclusively in our own race cars at first. I’m not going to put anything in your fuel tank that I’m not going to put in my own. – Dan Muldowney, RACE GAS

Muldowney hired two laboratories, one blending lab where he would create fuel formula candidates, and a second lab that certified that their fuel and concentrate mix had achieved octane goals.

“In the course of a year, we developed RACE GAS formula that raises octane high as 100 to 105 AKI octane, (R+M/2) when blended with gasoline as specified in our blend chart. Other products on the market only increase the octane. RACE GAS raises base fuel’s chemical/BTU energy,” Muldowney explains.

Following each container's mix ratio, you can achieve the listed octane levels when mixed with quality gasoline.

Since the RACE GAS product debuted years ago, it has developed two newer products to satisfy customer requests. The recent RACE GAS ULTRA will create racing fuel with an octane of 108 and 112. Also, RACE GAS DIESEL is the third product that focuses specifically on cetane, oxygen, and lubrication.

Various chemicals such as Fuel Hydrocarbons, Oxygenate, and Organometallic Compounds are blended chemicals found in typical gasoline. The RACE GAS additive is different, because specific components from these octane-makers are chosen to provide the desired octane.

The RACE GAS website offers a wealth of information, such as the additive's chemical makeup, and confirms their products' success with several successful engine dyno sessions.

The RACE GAS additive concept allows you to mix your fuel at the time of use. That timing can help fight against time and the environment that can degrade fuel quicker than you think. If you remember Muldowney’s burned pistons that created this additive concept, your racing engine’s high compression ratio will thank you.

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