Bagged and Boosted: This AmericanMuscle S550 Is Both Show and Go!

Bagged and Boosted: This AmericanMuscle S550 Is Both Show and Go!

We are only weeks away from Spring Break 2020, and for many car enthusiasts, this is the unofficial start of the car show season. As we say goodbye to old man winter, our focus now shifts to pulling the trigger on installing upgrades that will make our projects stand out amongst the rest.

So if you get the chance to score a killer deal on a host of upgrades that combine performance and killer good looks all in one shot, that’s a win-win, right? Well, that is precisely what the team at AmericanMuscle set out to accomplish with Kylen’s 2017 Mustang GT.

Although Kylen’s S550 already had some impressive bolt-on upgrades, including the popular Steeda lowering springs and Corsa Xtreme exhaust, it was time to take this build to the next level. And it just so happened that Justin Dugan, along with master technician Tony from AmericanMuscle, were available to document this stage of his build.

“It’s not every day when you get to do an Air Lift kit, VMP blower, GT350 front end, and wheels all at the same time,” explained Justin. “Needless to say, the end result was pretty damn awesome.”

To kick off this stage of Kylen’s build, the team at AmericanMuscle started by upgrading the suspension components on this S550. Because the owner wanted the ability to adjust his vehicle suspension on the fly, he decided to make the jump to the Air Lift Performance four-way manual system.

This cost-effective system allows the user to manually dial in the vehicle’s ride height individually for both the front and rear airbags.

Once the Air Lift suspension components were installed, the team installed the popular Forgestar F14 Race-Inspired Concave Wheels to give this S550 an aggressive look on the street, and the ability to achieved a custom tucked-in profile with the suspension fully lowered.

AmericanMuscle Introduces This Coyote To Boost!

After the team was happy with the vehicle’s ride height, it was time to tackle some engine modifications. To ensure the S550’s Coyote engine was prepared for the jump in performance, the team opted to install a set of Kooks 2-inch Long Tube Green Catted Headers.

As we mentioned earlier, this particular build already had the Corsa Xtreme cat-back exhaust installed, so adding a set of high-performance headers to the mix was a smart investment for what the team had planned next in terms of performance upgrades.

When it was time to add forced induction into the mix, the team enlisted the help of VMP Performance. This particular build was outfitted with the VMP Gen II-R Stage 2 Supercharger.

The Stage 2 kit features a stock 82mm pulley system and comes with everything you need to make that jump to boost. When it comes to tuning, Kylen went with the SCT Performance handheld tuning device and a custom Lund Racing 93 octane tune.

The baseline dyno for this 2017 Mustang GT came in at 387 horsepower and 357 lb-ft of torque. As you can see from the graphs above, by adding the VMP Performance Gen II-R supercharger, this Coyote engine put down a respectable 608 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

Adding Quality Exterior Upgrades to Complement Your Build

With the addition of these performance upgrades from AmericanMuscle, Kylen’s 2017 Mustang GT has hit the mark for being a fun street build that could also surprise some people come track day.

The finishing touches to this build were the addition of the MP Concepts GT350 Front Bumper and the Ford replacement Performance Package rear bumper. The front and rear bumpers give this S550 an aggressive look, and the fit and finish are spot on.

Overall, we are very impressed with this stage of Kylen’s build. These cost-effective upgrades completely transformed this base level 2017 Mustang GT. The result is an S550 that will not only turn heads at the local car shows, but also introduce this Coyote engine to boost, giving Kylen increased power and performance when stepping on the gas.

For the entire lineup of aftermarket performance parts for your 2015-2017 Mustang, you can click on the official AmericanMuscle website here.

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