Build The Perfect F-150 EcoBoost Street Build With AmericanTrucks

Build The Perfect F-150 EcoBoost Street Build With AmericanTrucks

When you are ready to start upgrading your next project vehicle, it is easy to get caught up in building a car or truck that may not necessarily fit into your everyday build needs. And this can be especially true when it comes to modifying your new full-size pickup.

Sure, adding a fancy lift kit and big tires are usually top on many truck enthusiasts’ priority lists, but what is often overlooked is the overall practicality of your build.

If your next build focuses on these types of upgrades, Justin Dugan from AmericanTrucks has designed a build that may be what you are looking for. Justin gets his hands on a stock F-150 EcoBoost truck and turns it into a proper street machine.


It’s nice to build a truck that doesn’t adhere to one strick theme… – Justin Dugan, AmericanTrucks

The cool thing about this video is Justin shows us how to add a bit of style and performance to your new F-150 even if this vehicle may spend most of its time as your daily commuter or work vehicle. While the stock F-150 has a visual appeal all its own, there are a few key upgrades that can be made to make your truck stand out in a sea of full-size vehicles in its class.

“It’s nice to build a truck that doesn’t adhere to one strict theme,” said Justin. “but rather is an extension of what the owner envisioned through a few different parts.”


AmericanTrucks 2017 EcoBoost F-150 Build

  • ROUSH Cold Air Intake: ($399.99) T527894-AB
  • Black Rhino Warlord Matte Gunmetal 6-Lug Wheel – 20×9: ($256.00 each) T536888
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics 0-2 in. Suspension Lift System – Stage 2: ($2,469.80) T532803
  • RK Sport Ram Air Hood – Unpainted: ($843.83) T529790
  • Weathertech Front No Drill MudFlaps – Black: ($44.95 each) T527390
  • Weathertech Rear No Drill MudFlaps – Black: ($44.95 each) T527391
  • BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4 Folding Tonneau Cover: ($959.88 each) T537559
  • JLT V3.0 Black Oil Separator – Passenger Side: ($139.00) T529996
  • Raxiom Smoked LED Fog Lights: ($189.99) T531009
  • Flowmaster Angle Cut Exhaust Tip – Black Ceramic Stainless: ($84.44) T528207
  • Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tire: ($218.99) T531298
  • Stainless Works Catted Downpipe: ($977.55) T528035
  • Unleashed Tuning Rev-X Tuner by SCT w/ 2 Custom Tunes: ($449.99) T542080

AmericanTrucks F-150 Exterior Upgrades

Justin first starts by installing the Weathertech front and rear MudFlaps, which is a smart upgrade for a daily driven vehicle that will spend the majority of its time experiencing the ever-changing weather conditions that the North East has to offer.

From there, the team at AmericanMuscle installed the BAK Industries MX4 Tonneau Cover to help keep any cargo they may be hauling protected from the elements.

Next, Justin added a set of Raxiom Smoked LED Fog Lights to this build and addressed an area on the front of the F-150 that, in our opinion, has always been an eyesore in stock form–and that is the F-150 hood.

Justin installed the RK Sport Ram Air Hood to this vehicle, which not only gives the truck a nice aggressive look but also added some built-in functionality for upgrades that he had planned for under the hood.

AmericanTrucks F-150 Performance Upgrades

Most of us know by now just how easy it is to add usable power to the Ford EcoBoost engine. While this build focused more on drivability than horsepower, adding these bolt-on upgrades from AmericanTrucks is sure to add to the overall enjoyment of this vehicle. Under the hood, Justin added the popular ROUSH Cold Air Intake and paired it with the JLT 3.0 Oil separator.

AmericanTrucks F-150 Wheels, Tires & Suspension Upgrades

For his final part of the exterior upgrades, Justin chose the ICON Vehicle Dynamics 0-2 inch suspension lift system and matched the suspension upgrade with a set of the 20×9-inch Black Rhino Warlord Matte Gunmetal Wheels riding on a set of Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tires. The wheel and tire combo gave the F-150 a more aggressive stance in an easy to install bolt-on configuration.

AmericanTrucks F-150 Exhaust Upgrades

Instead of completely changing out the exhaust, this particular truck was outfitted with the factory connect Stainless Works Catted Downpipe and the Flowmaster black ceramic exhaust tip. Adding an aftermarket downpipe to the factory cat-back exhaust gave the turbocharged vehicle a bit more volume to the exhaust note without having to worry about waking the neighbors on those early morning commutes. The team then installed the Unleashed Tuning Rev-X Tuner by SCT to this F-150 to maximize the performance of the EcoBoost Engine.

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The end result is a well-rounded build that adds performance and unique style to the F-150 without becoming a difficult full-blown project. For a complete list of upgrades for your next EcoBoost F-150 build, click on the companies official website here.

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