Classic Recreations And SpeedKore Create A Carbon Shelby GT500CR

Classic Recreations And SpeedKore Create A Carbon Shelby GT500CR

For those of you that watch Street Muscle’s social media channels, you will know the name Sean Smith. A few weeks ago Sean Smith was the featured guest on The RodCast, Street Muscle Magazine’s podcast. Sean Smith is the head of Sean Smith Designs and co-founder of SpeedKore. While on the show, Sean went in-depth on his design process and some of the prolific cars he’s had a hand in designing and building. Among them are SpeedKore’s 1,650 horsepower carbon-bodied Charger nicknamed Tantrum.

Well, the camp known for its carbon weave is at it again – this time partnering with Classic Recreations and its Heritage Shelby GT500CR Mustang.

Forced induction has also been a recurring theme from SpeedKore, so it comes as no surprise to find a monster Whipple supercharged Coyote between the frame rails.

Only 25 of the limited-edition Mustangs will be created at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, so to say they are a rare piece of automobilia is an understatement.

But, don’t take our word for it, the official press release from Classic Recreations can be read below:


1967-68 Shelby Carbon Fiber Concept “Dream Car” Becomes Reality

DALLAS – September 10, 2020 – Executives with Classic Recreations have announced that the recently unveiled heritage Shelby GT500CR carbon fiber concept car has gone into production. Dubbed the Carbon-Edition, only 25 of these limited-edition supercars will be delivered by the company at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas and are available for worldwide distribution. Upon delivery, a donation will also be presented by Classic Recreations to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.

“We’re excited that the world’s first carbon fiber bodied heritage Shelby GT500CR has moved from dream to reality; a true inspiration for future models,” said Jason Engel, founder, co-owner, and lead designer at Classic Recreations. “Far too often, car companies tease the public with concepts that never go into production. Our first car of this spectacular new series is being assembled and we look forward to presenting it to its new owner at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas. This carbon fiber-bodied continuation heritage Shelby GT500CR will carry the Shelby DNA into every model we build.”

Officially unveiled by Classic Recreations in May, this visionary, re-imagined American muscle car moves the iconic 1967 Shelby GT500 into the 21st century with a powerful contemporary engine, upgraded suspension, better braking systems, and the latest automotive technologies. The Shelby cars combine the best of classic and contemporary worlds, all wrapped in a lightweight and ultra-strong carbon fiber body.

“Carroll Shelby was a proponent of carbon fiber and leveraged its benefits in everything from lightweight wheels to the Shelby Series 1 sports car,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “We’re pleased that Classic Recreations is now applying that exotic technology to continuation heritage Shelby muscle cars. Shelby’s sales team will make them available to customers and we plan to help prep the cars for delivery when they arrive in Las Vegas. As with all Shelby cars built by Classic Recreations, we will document each one in our Shelby Registry. Carroll would’ve been proud of this collaboration.”

Working with SpeedKore Performance Group, Classic Recreations directed the process to create the woven carbon fiber bodies using original Shelby molds to meticulously reproduce the iconic lines of the classic 1967-68 Shelby Mustang. It is the first time that the technology used by supercars, exotics, and aircraft has been applied so extensively to an American muscle car.

“By wrapping this featherweight carbon fiber body over the original steel substructure, we can create perfect panels, seams, and lines,” said Engel. “The result is stunning perfection in a car that is an astounding 600-pounds lighter than stock. The power-to-weight ratio is on par with the most exotic vehicles, making it a modern world-class supercar with American muscle at its soul.”

These Shelby muscle cars will be powered by a Stage-2 Whipple supercharged Ford 5.0L Coyote engine mated to a Tremec six-speed manual transmission. The potent car has an adjustable coil-over suspension, tubular subframe connectors, high-performance Wilwood brakes, roll bar, and hydraulic steering rack. The cars will rumble with a stainless-steel MagnaFlow performance exhaust system and roll on American Racing forged wheels wrapped with high-performance Michelin Z-rated tires. The stunning interior features an Alcantara headliner and console.

To commemorate this radical new approach to American muscle, Classic Recreations is offering this hand-painted, limited edition model. The exterior stripe color can be customized, and the body will be treated with a UV protected clear coat to show off the perfect carbon weave patterns. Each will also receive special badges that will be applied by Shelby American to the cars when they arrive in Las Vegas.

The package includes transportation of the car to Las Vegas and a special client delivery experience. This will include accommodations for one night in a luxury hotel, a private tour of Shelby American, a photo opportunity with the vehicle, and a specially-curated Shelby gift package. A meaningful donation in the customer’s honor will be made to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which is dedicated to providing medical assistance for those in need, including children, educational opportunities for young people through automotive and other training programs, and benefitting the Shelby Automotive Museum.

The Carbon Edition Shelby GT500CR package is ready for order and will begin at $298,000. Production requires about 12-18 months and select customized upgrade options are available. For sales and ordering information, contact Shelby American at (702) 942-7325 or Classic Recreations at (877) 235-3266.

Applying Supercar Technology to American Muscle

It is well established that carbon fiber is a key component used by many of the world’s premier modern motorsports teams. The quality, consistency, and even tone of carbon fiber is undeniable. Partnering with SpeedKore was key to ensuring perfect panel fitment and consistent quality throughout the entire shell.

  • Combined Strength – using pre-impregnated (Prepreg) fabric reinforced with a resin system, typically an epoxy, makes the material much denser and much stronger. The key is the autoclave where all the impurities are vacuum-sealed out. This ensures a pure, perfect piece every time. Combining this high-performance outer shell with a steel substructure provides the driver with the confidence to perform when it counts the most.
  • Perfect Weave Orientation – SpeedKore’s process ensures that all panels match up perfectly. This means that the weave transition from panel-to-panel is seamless – providing a consistent look across the entire vehicle.

Standard Features:

Drivetrain – Ford Performance Coyote Gen 3, Whipple supercharged (810 HP), custom dyno tuned, Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, 9-inch Fab 9 rear w/ 3:70 gear ratio, and posi traction installed, serpentine belt pulley system

Steering – Rack and pinion steering conversion (Power) – Flaming River tilt column (polished)

Interior – Carroll Shelby Scat Rally series 1000 seats (High back), 5 point Camlock seatbelts, Carroll Shelby signature gauges (white face), 200mph speedometer, leather-wrapped aluminum steering wheel, Old Air Products A/C System, Carroll Shelby GT500CR Floormats, Alcantara headliner, and center console accents

Available Country-Specific Upgrades – KPH gauges $500, right hand drive $12,500

Optional Features – Touchscreen entertainment system with navigation, Stillwater Designs 5 channel amplifier, Stillwater Designs subwoofer, Stillwater Designs component speakers

Wheels and tires – G.T.500CR 18×8 aluminum front wheels, G.T.500CR 18×11 aluminum rear wheels – Michelin Z Rated Tires 225/40/18 Front – Michelin Z Rated Tires 315/30/18 Rear

Exterior – Exposed weave carbon fiber body, authentic Shelby exterior carbon fiber enhancements, BASF Glasurit UV-protected Clear Coat (exposed-weave body), LeMans gas cap, triple stripes, Shelby sequential tail lights

Fuel – Vaporworx twin-electric fuel pumps, Stealth 18-gallon fuel cell

Brakes – Front: Wilwood 6-piston Rear: Wilwood 4-piston, slotted, cross-drilled, and Zinc Washed Rotors, adjustable rear proportioning valve

Electrical – Trunk mounted battery

Exhaust – Stainless Works long tube headers, dual 2.5-inch mandrel-bent exhaust, Magnaflow mufflers

Cooling – BeCool aluminum crossflow radiator, 2 13-inch electric cooling fans

Chassis – Tubular subframe connectors, rollbar

Suspension – Adjustable coilover front suspension, adjustable coilover rear suspension, oversized sway bars front and rear

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