Cleetus McFarland Snags 7.3L Godzilla Engine For Fox Body

Garrett Mitchell, aka Cleetus McFarland, and his crew broke ground on a new project car on their very popular YouTube channel. It all started two months ago on a past video when Mitchell revealed two possible homes for a 7.3-liter Godzilla power plant. The choices were a Fox Body or a Holden Ute. The decision was left up to the viewers and judging just by the comments, the Fox Body was the majority favorite.

The 7.3-liter Godzilla engine is one of Ford Motor Company‘s latest editions to their Super Duty truck lineup. Being roughly two years old, the 7.3-liter has gained a small bit of a reputation in the racing community. However, it’s still mostly untested, especially in the very popular Fox Body drag racing platform. “There is not many Godzilla engines in Mustangs,” says James Taal who is often featured on the Cleetus McFarland Channel. “The Mustang is already a proven platform, but not with this power plant.”


The Godzilla looks like a tight fit into the engine bay of a Fox Body Mustang.

Lowering the huge engine into that petite engine compartment had everyone excited. The crew began brainstorming the future of the build. Of course, with an engine swap anywhere near this caliber, there are going to be obstacles. They began getting a rough idea of where they would need to cut out some sheet metal to make room. “Look at the oil pan though, it’s already lower than the K-member,” Mitchell said. “If we go lower on the K-member then the oil pan is going to be through the core of the Earth!”

Some suspension and body modifications mentioned were cutting out parts of the firewall and floor pan, using a tubular K-member, a different oil pan, and TRZ control arms. There was also some speculation as to what power adders you might see. “Do we go turbo or supercharger?” asked Mitchell in a previous video. It looks like the decision will be a big single turbo with the specific model yet to be revealed.

They have not decided on the rest of the drivetrain yet. However, we know this car is going to be equipped with a stick shift transmission. “Hoping to have another eight-second stick car would be the goal,” said Mitchell. Following this build may give some insight to anyone else thinking about this swap in the future.

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