Dennis Collins To Auction 18 Pristine Fox Mustangs

(Photo Credit: Dennis Collins & Barrett-Jackson)

If you are a regular reader here, you saw our story a few days ago about Dennis Collins’ 1982 GT Mustang heading to Barrett-Jackson along with talk of  many more to come. Well the list is out and it is quite the collection of Fox Mustangs, it ended up being 18 clean examples in total.

Dennis, probably most famous for his time on Gas Monkey Garage, set the Fox world on fire last January when a group of super -low-mileage Fox machines sold for world-record money at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. This time around, he hopes to have a repeat of that good luck with another group of world-class Fox Mustangs. With so many cool cool examples headed to the action block, its impossible for us to pick a favorite…

16,000-Mile 1979 Cobra

Up first is a 1979 Cobra. The car is a one-owner with just over 16,000 miles and still features its original tires. The car is one of 692 white Cobras in 1979, one of 86 with the trim/decal package, one of 21 with black vinyl high-back bucket seats, and one of one with an AM/FM stereo. The car is said to be in all-original condition and features a wide variety of original paperwork and documentation. The car will go across the blocks as Lot 1561.1, you can check it out here.

T-Top 1982 GT

Fox number two is a 1982 T-Top GT. The car features a unique stripe package that is period correct and was actually installed by the Ford Dealer when the car was new. A Polaroid photo is said to come with the car to back up the authenticity. The car has been owned by the same family its entire life and only has 11,907 miles on the clock. The car goes across the block as Lot 1562.

A Trio Of 1983 GTs

Lot 1562.1, 1563, and 1563.1, these three 1983 GTs are some of the coolest we have ever seen. All three are excellent, low-mile examples that are sure to bring premium money and be toward the top of Dennis’ collection in sales numbers when all is said and done.

The three 1983 Ford Mustangs in Dennis Collins’ collection have just less than 30,000 miles between all three — at 6,303, 14,682, and 8,138 to be exact. All three cars — two convertibles and one hatchback — feature a five-speed manual transmissions and are all in excellent original condition. They all come with an abundance of paperwork and documentation to back them up. If we had to choose between them, we would have to go with the one-of-42 triple-black convertible. This car is sure to be a collectible for year to come. Check them out for yourself here, here, and here.

Medium Charcoal Metallic 1984 GT

We love the Medium Charcoal Metallic color on this 1984 GT, Lot 1564 and the sixth car to go across the auction blocks in the Dennis’ collection. With only 16,537 miles, the ad states that this car spent most of its life at car shows when it wasn’t sitting in the garage and its condition definitely shows it! This another nice Fox Mustang, check it out for yourselves here.

1984 GT350

Often, in the collector car world, oddities and unique options, or lack there of, are what really drives the price and desirability up. This 1984 GT350 does just that. On top of being a rare-production, 20th Anniversary special edition, the car was ordered from the factory with air conditioning. An option that was quickly becoming more standard than optional as the ’80s rolled on. Oh by the way, its only got 1,404 miles on it, this car is sure to ring the bell toward the top of the list. Check it out for yourself here, Lot 1564.1.

7,596-Mile 1985 Convertible

Lot 1565 is yet another nice example in the Dennis’ collection of a super-clean, low-mile Fox. This 1985 features all the factory options you could want, including a fully documented, two-owner history and only 7,596 miles on the odometer. Although this car doesn’t have the flash or low production numbers of some of the others, do not over look it. This Fox will be a great piece for whomever the lucky bidder is!

3,124 Mile SVO

The factory turbocharged SVOs were arguably the performance highlight of the first half of the Fox lifespan. A collectible in their own right with low production numbers and a ton of unique features, Lot 1565.1 is a two-owner car in immaculate condition. Showing only 3,124 miles on the odometer, this car should be a strong contender for top five in earnings from this collection.

Triple White ’87 Convertible

Lot 1566 kicks off the aero-nose section of the collection in typical Fox style. A classic, triple-white GT with “turbine” wheels. A wheel that back in the day would have been tossed out first with the “cheese-grater” taillights a close second. But nowadays it’s refreshing to see them on the car especially one of this condition. While the mileage is not stated in the listing, we can assume by previous statements by Dennis Collins that if its in his collection, its under 20,000. Check it out for yourself here.

1986 ASC McLaren

The ASC McLaren Mustang has always been sort of the red-headed step child of the Foxbody era. A two-seater conversion that featured unique European styling, its either a love or hate relationship with these cars among enthusiasts. At Lot 1566.1, this 1988 McLaren only has 15,601 miles on it an appears to be in great original condition. Time will tell if it can hold its own against some of the other strong Foxes in this collection.

5,435-Mile Shadow Blue Metallic GT

With only 5,435 miles, this 1989 Ford Mustang GT is an excellent example of an all original Fox Mustang. Finished off in beautiful Shadow Blue Metallic with Titanium lower accents this Fox stands out from the rest. Fully optioned and well-documented, this car will be another strong performer at auction at Lot 1567.

Dennis Collins’ ‘Holy Grail’ Coupe

This 1990 Oxford White coupe, one of 782 coupes in this color, is Dennis Collins’ favorite Fox of his entire collection. That in itself is quite a statement!

“I have been asked many times what the favorite Foxbody is in my collection, well here it is!” he said.

The car belonged to his neighbor as he was growing up. With only 7,989 miles, the car has been maintained in amazing original condition. One of two white coupes with black vinyl seats and one of one to come radio delete. Dennis describes this car as a “holy grail” Fox in the video below. Saying again that, “Here is my favorite Foxbody Mustang and yes, I think it is a holy-grail car!”

Do you agree? Check out Lot 1567.1 for yourself here and here Dennis talk about the coupe himself in the video below!

7-Up Convertible

Last year the shocker of the Fox collection auction was the 7-up car. A low-mileage example brought a record setting $82,500. This years 7-up example, Lot 1568 is not nearly the car last years was, but it is still a solid piece with just over 17,000 original miles. Do not be surprised if this car rides on the coat tails of last year’s top Fox seller and puts up a solid number.

5,256-Mile LX Hatchback

Simple and classy are the two best words we can come up with to describe Lot 1568.1. This black 1991 LX Hatchback is one clean and simple Foxbody Mustang. Not to mention the fact that it has just over 5,000 miles on it. This car is definitely one of our personal favorites from Dennis’ collection and should do well when it goes across the auction block!

1,334 Mile Triple Black Convertible

The second triple-black convertible of the collection, Lot 1569, this 1992 GT Convertible comes to the auction block with only 1,334 documented miles. With power everything, luggage rack, and leather seats, this convertible is loaded out and is sure to bring Dennis Collins a load of cash on auction day.

Supercharged Triple White 1993 Feature Car

Lot 1570 features a few more modifications that most of the cars we have saw in this collection. A Vortech supercharger and a set of headers have been installed to wake up the 5.0 liter. Both however, period-correct modifications to an otherwise all-original, low mileage Fox with just 7,350 miles showing on the odometer. It will be interesting to see how this tastefully modded, but still original Fox does on the auction block.

Saving The Best For Last

With all of these impressive Fox Mustangs from the Dennis Collins’ Collection going to Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, it’s hard to even predict which car will be the top seller. However, if we were forced to pick a number one to bet on, it would have to be the last of the group — Lot 1571, which is a 1993 Ford Mustang LX. Painted in rare Reef Blue, this loaded-out droptop shows just 340 actual miles on the odometer. Making it the lowest-mileage example of the group. Loaded with options and a trunkload of documentation, this Fox is the real deal.

Will it or any of the other 18 go into the triple digits and shatter last year’s records? Tune into the Barrett-Jackson auction on Sunday, January 20, 2018.

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