Do You Remember Any Of These Eight Forgotten Fords?

While Ford has had some serious home runs over the years, there have also been plenty of times when they made some cars that didn’t quite round all the popularity bases. The engineers and designers poured in their hearts and souls only to be met with consumer indifference — we all remember the Edsel, of course.

Some of these cars are best left forgotten....

While the Edsel isn’t covered in the video above, it spotlights eight cars that Ford let loose on the streets that did not take off. These cars are rarely seen at car shows or on the street, simply because of a lack of popularity. Included in this unscientific list are the Ford LTD II, Maverick, Fairmont, Courier, Probe, LTD Crown Vic, Contour, and Fiesta.

While a few on that list are better left forgotten, a few others are worth remembering, like the LTD II, Maverick, and even the Probe. Even some of the less popular Fords hold some interest or novelty in their time and are even to this day.

The LTD II will always hold its place in the big luxury car era of Ford. By today’s standards it is big, gutless, gawdy, and hardly fuel efficient. Assuming more was better when the big, boat-like cars ruled the road didn’t pay off. However, even though it’s a little out of style today, the big-bodied LTD II is still worth remembering.

The Maverick was a cool, sporty little car that made its hay in the ’70s. Its small size made the Maverick agile, easy to park, and efficient, but the era of its introduction led to it being bogged down by strict emission requirements and heavy bumpers.

The Maverick was a good looking little car for sure! Really not sure what it was about this thing that never caught on!

Because it represents the importance and stead-fast love that Americans have for the Mustang, it’s important to remember the Probe. As the video explains, the Probe was initially intended to replace the Mustang, but when that was leaked to the public, outcry from consumers put a stop to that plan and led to the continued production of the Mustang as we know it. The almost Mustang became the Probe, but which one is still around today?

Imagine if we just had a bunch of these and no Mustangs?

The rest of the cars on this list—the Contour, the Fiesta, Fairmont, and LTD Crown Vic—are all interesting in their own way, but don’t really hold even a sentimental place in most enthusiasts hearts. We’ll always love the curiosity that is the Ford Courier, but even those don’t stand up to the test of time.

One thing we know for sure, all eight of the cars on this list are rare today even though they were produced in high numbers when they were new. Why are they so hard to find? Simply because they were never popular, they were treated poorly, and they’ve all long since been buried, dumped, crushed, or recycled.

Do you have a soft spot for a forgotten Ford from this list or otherwise?

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