Evolution Performance Teases Facebook Dyno-ing World’s Quickest GT500

There are many aspects of performance. Some like to carve corners with extreme precision while being hunted down by formidable competitors. Others prefer straight-line blasts with just enough steering wheel input to keep between the posts. Then there are others who aren’t satisfied until they have definitive numbers of exactly how much power their rides are putting to the pavement.

This particular car exemplifies at least two of the three. Evolution Performance has been tweaking the output of its 2020 Shelby GT500 and in the latest Facebook post, they’ve asked folks on the social media site to guess how much horsepower the GT500, nicknamed “Villain,” actually puts down to the wheels.

We’ve asked ourselves, and the folks at Evolution Performance what was the dyno’s final say, but as of this writing, they’ve not issued any updated information. Although, they did state that the car has run a personal best of 8.88 at 158mph in the quarter-mile. That, my friends, is moving!

A prototype Whipple Superchargers race ported 3.8L GEN 5 twin-screw supercharger now resides on Villain's stock 5.2L V8.

So what does it take to carve down a quarter-mile in such a short timeframe? In Villain’s case, it took a boost from Whipple Supercharger’s 3.6L boost-box that had been tweaked by the folks at Kong Performance and uses their 108mm throttle body to feed this beast. Ancillary components include a JLT Performance super-big cold air intake, an upgraded intercooler, 180-degree thermostat, Evolution’s own ice tank, and C&R Racing’s heat exchanger. On the hot side, there are Kooks’ 2-inch long-tube headers. Feeding this beast is a set of Injector Dynamics’ ID1700-XDS fuel injectors with a Fore Innovations fuel return system. The entire assembly was dutifully tuned using HPTuners by Jon Jr. of Lund Racing. Evolution Performance noted that in this video, the supercharger was swapped out for a 3.8L variant of Whipple Supercharging’s blower.

Villain has burned up the quarter-mile in a personal best of 8.88 at 158 mph.

While the dyno may highlight the horsepower under the hood, it takes a whole lot of other products to clasp the “World’s Quickest” title in any arena. The Villain also makes good use of a BMR Suspension’s IRS subframe support brake system and Evolution Performance vertical links. There are Wilwood front and rear disc brakes snuggled inside those Bogart Racing Wheels‘ 17-inch wheels, the back two being wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires.

Amazingly, some quite important bits have not yet been swapped out in the name of performance. Evolution Performance reports that the engine, a major component in a GT500, is still entirely stock. Same with the DCT transmission, which still uses the factory clutches.

The Evolution Performance GT500 will endure the entire dyno run from 2,500 rpm to an ear-searing 8,300 rpm. Many of the responses remind us of an old saying, “How do you spin a Chevy 409 to 6,000 rpm?” the reply – ONCE!  While not necessarily true, many surmised that the next weakest link may be the feature of Evolution Performance’s next video. Could it be the stock clutches in that DCT transmission? Will a connecting rod somehow become “disconnected?” As it stands, we still don’t know exactly how much power this Villain puts down, but that just means we’ll have to keep an eye on EP’s latest updates to find out!

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