Ford GT Takes Top 3 Spots At Barrett-Jackson Houston

In a podium finish that mimics the 1966 Le Mans race, Ford has once again climbed atop all three podium spots. Instead of the Le Mans track, the NRG Center located in Houston, Texas, played host. The cars raced to the top through financial means, rather than lap times at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Houston auction and the final result was a one, two, three finish for Ford GT owners.

The announcement of the end of the second-generation Ford GT obviously spelt a recipe for higher prices. Those lucky enough to purchase a first- or second-generation were in for a treat, as the top three finishes of the auction were Ford GTs. All three of these street-legal race cars combined would climb over the $2.4 million mark in sales. A simple option for those looking to cash in their four-wheel investment after a few years of ownership.

Top Three Finishers

It’s hard not to love the classic white with blue stripes package on any Ford product. The livery pays homage to Ford’s decades of racing and this 2006 Ford GT wore it perfectly. This first-generation Ford GT came equipped with optional BBS wheels, a 6-speed manual transmission, and the records of a professional bookkeeper. While the $429,000 price tag is shocking to most, the age of the new owner is even more shocking, as he wasn’t even born before the production of this supercar.

It didn't take long for the new owner of this 2006 Ford GT to have it back home.

The term “fully optioned out” gets thrown around loosely in today’s market. However, when your car’s option list adds up to almost $100,000, you have full rights to use this term. The second place finisher at the auction was painted a sinister matte black color with matte silver stripes that brought the combined exterior paint package to $45,000. The addition of butterfly doors, retractable active rear wing, a rear diffuser, and gloss carbon-fiber exterior trim bumped the price tag up another $15,000. The fully optioned out GT would end at $990,000 with the only option being payment in full.

Ford GT

Matte black combined with matte silver stripes made this exterior paint a $45,000 option alone.

In the world of collector cars, the lower the mileage means the higher the price tag. The top finisher at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Auction in Houston was this 2019 Ford GT that had only 551 miles on the odometer. Most of us agree it’s a shame to see such cars sitting, but to the owner who somehow managed to not touch the car very often, it paid off big time. When the gavel hit the sound block the bidding ended at $1,028,500.

This low-mileage example took first place in top sales at $1,028,500!


An Investment Of Sorts

For most, like myself, owning Ford’s flagship car is a pipe dream. However, I can sleep better knowing the price is justifiable as an addition to my investment portfolio. Now if I could just convince the bank to do the right thing and allow me to bid on some of Ford’s finest cars of the 21st century, I would be set!

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