Ford GT Test Mule Filmed Testing In Detroit

Up until its reveal earlier this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Ford GT was perhaps the best-kept secret in the Motor City. Even well-placed operatives at Ford itself didn’t know about the GT, which had been secreted away at a skunk works facility under the watchful eye of tight-lipped engineers.

But now that the Ford GT has been revealed for all the world to see, there’s no sense in keeping it under wraps anymore, right? So it’s not exactly surprising that a YouTube user under the moniker DrScandalous happened to catch a totally naked Ford GT testing around the Detroit in a pair of videos. There’s nothing ultra-revealing here, but it’s our closest look yet at a Ford GT on actual, public roads.

The most interesting aspect of these videos is the Ford GT’s hue, as we’ve really only seen the 600 horsepower V6 supercar wearing a sleek blue and WEC livery so far. The greenish look has an almost army camouflage tint to it, though it could also be naked, unpainted carbon fiber Ford is testing. While that seems unlikely, the Blue Oval is investing heavily into the strong-but-light material, perhaps as an eventual replacement for steel and even the aluminum Ford now builds its trucks out of. You can also tell this is a mule by how far those exhaust ports stick out from the back. Something tells us that’s not a production-ready look.

Yet even though it’s been nearly 9 months since the new Ford GT debuted, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Blue Oval supercar. Like, what does it weigh? What will it cost? How fast can it actually go? These videos don’t answer any of those questions, and we have a feeling Ford won’t be answering them either for at least a few more months.
That just gives us more to look forward to though.

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