Ford Now Offering Lift Kits For Ranger And F-150

Ford Now Offering Lift Kits For Ranger And F-150

For all those 2019 Ford Ranger and 2015-2019 F-150 owning off-road enthusiasts, rejoice in the knowledge that Ford is now offering a suspension upgrade in the form of an off-road leveling kit.

Ranger and F-150 owners seem to always be looking for ways to stand out and customize the looks and performance of their four-wheel-drive trucks and these leveling kits are designed to fulfill both of those desires.

Though the aftermarket has already been supporting similar style kits, this option is specifically offered through the dealer with the installation done by the Ford mechanics.

Engineered and assembled by Ford Performance Parts, the kit starts with FOX shocks and consists of Ford Performance tuning, a two-inch lift, and upgraded coil-overs along with upper front mounts and locking pre-loaded springs.

Since the release of the new Ford Ranger and F-150, people have been eager to test the four-wheel-drive capabilities of the truck. With the new leveling kit, you can expect to push those capabilities even further while adding increased customization to the look of the trucks.

Some of the specifics of the leveling kits for the Ranger and the F-150 include:

  • Aluminum FOX shock bodies that are designed to increase the cooling capabilities as you traverse over more strenuous terrains
  • New front coil-over springs to provide your suspension with that extra support
  • Polyurethane bushing are in place to significantly reduce noise and harsh vibrations
  • An overall two-inch lift around the entirety of the truck for that provides that off-road look as well as additional clearance

This kit was specifically designed to increase the overall ground clearance as well as improve the approach and break-over angles whether you are rock crawling or doing some more high-speed off-roading.

Kits installed on the Rangers are expected to provide a 21 percent increase in the approach angle as well as a 10 percent increase in the break-over angle.

The F-150 can expect very similar results with a 22 percent increase in the approach angle and a seven percent increase in the break-over angle.

These kits are designed to provide as much variety as possible. Tests were done on both highspeed off-road courses as well as navigating slower-paced rock crawling trails.

This level of diversity and range of capabilities makes this kit seem pretty lucrative as you can overcome different levels of off-road challenges and obstacles with one vehicle in one trip.

The kit will cost roughly $1,500 and that is before the cost of professional installation. The kit seems to be very affordable for what it is but labor costs for the installation might run that price up significantly.

Since the release of the new Ranger, the aftermarket has been exploding.

There are a variety of similar kits are already available. However, there is a level of comfort knowing that these modifications and upgrades are coming from the Ford engineers themselves.

Those who purchase the Ford leveling kits can have some peace of mind knowing that the parts are covered under a Ford Performance Parts limited warranty.

Expect the Ford Performance leveling kits to be released this coming Fall.

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