Forgeline Is First With Tailored Wheels For The 2020 Shelby GT500

Forgeline Is First With Tailored Wheels For The 2020 Shelby GT500

Few wheels complement the fierce angles of the 2020 Shelby GT500 as those from Forgeline Motorsport’s catalog. No company blends an organic flowing shape with sharp edges quite like Forgeline, and this unique mixture makes its wheels well-suited to so many machines. The latest GT500, a car with a stealth bomber’s angularity, sits well with these stylish rollers adorning all four corners. Though no examples of the vehicle have been delivered yet, Forgeline is the first aftermarket manufacturer offering virtually every one of its wheels tailor-fitted for the GT500. Those who want their new Shelby to arrive with a little something extra ought to browse Forgeline’s pages and inspect the full range of lightweight, strong, and stylish wheels available. 

These wheels are available in the factory 20 x 11-inch (front), and 20 x 11.5-inch (rear) sizes and proper offsets expected of modern muscle cars these days. They’re not limited to factory sizes; those who want a slightly smaller, lighter wheel for road course usage will be accommodated, as will the show car builders looking for more bling from their footwork. 

Those who want to turn heads can’t go wrong with Forgeline’s GS1R in Satin Red.

“Whether you’re looking for a dedicated track setup or a distinctive design for the street, Forgeline is ready to roll with the exciting GT500,” said David Schardt, Forgeline Motorsports president. “And, because every set of wheels is built to the customer’s specifications, exclusivity is all but assured for your Shelby — along with a perfect fit.”

These stunning wheels are forged in the heat of professional motorsport. Such a grueling environment produces an uncommonly sturdy wheel, and those who take their GT500 to the track will be relieved to find how these items handle the abuse of track work. In fact, Forgeline is better-positioned than any other manufacturer to offer and build bespoke performance wheels for the GT500, due to a longstanding relationship with Ford Performance and Shelby.

Not only does it produce the wheels for the Ford GT Mk II, but it provides spec wheels for the Mustang GT4 racing cars, as well as optional wheels for the Shelby FP350S. For the circuit, there aren’t many better options. 

For a more subdued look, there’s always the GS1 in Matte Pearl Gray.

“Forgeline works closely with Ford Performance and Multimatic, who builds the GT and other race cars for Ford, to design and build wheels that deliver the strength and durability required for the rigors of racing,” said Schardt. “We apply that knowledge to the wheels we offer customers for their street and track vehicles, for compromise-free performance matched with incomparable style.”

Whether you’re searching for a dedicated track setup or a unique street wheel to express your automotive tastes, Forgeline is ready to provide. Get in contact with them for that custom touch to make your GT500 the envy of your friends and competitors.


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