Gymkhana 10 Is Nineteen Minutes Of Tire-Shredding Bliss

Ken Block has once again outdone himself. The Hoonigan Racing Division professional driver has managed to take fans on another epic tire-shredding adventure into the life of a professional Hoonigan. Gymkhana 10 gives enthusiasts the chance to witness five very different vehicles being pushed to their limits in five unique locations around the world.
While many of us are no stranger to Mr. Block’s tire-shredding abilities, what makes Gymkhana 10 so much fun to watch is Ken’s ability to captivate his audience by seamlessly integrating the vehicles into each environment.
The result is a 19-minute YouTube video that many will have a hard time not watching from start to finish. In a day and age where any YouTube video longer than eight-minutes would more than likely interrupt your daily workflow, Gymkhana 10’s visual appeal and hand-picked locations will leave you wanting more.
Ken Block’s latest video took over two years to make and was part of an Amazon Prime original series that debuted earlier this month called The Gymkhana Files. While Amazon Prime users had 10-day early access to the video, this week was the first time the entire video was released on the Hoonigan’s YouTube channel for the world to enjoy.
The video starts by giving us a quick glimpse of the five different vehicles that are featured in the video. It then moves to the first location of the shoot in Lulea, Sweden. Block’s car of choice for this portion of the shoot? None other than the 2018 Ford Fiesta WRC. This snow and ice display was a first for Block as he had never piloted a vehicle in these types of conditions in any of his previous Gymkhana films. The winter playground provides a fitting tribute to the video’s release date.

The second sequence of events puts Block behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2 in Detroit, Michigan. And those Toyo Tires didn’t stand a chance on the streets of the Motor City. From there, we find ourselves traveling down south of the border to Guanajuato, Mexico in the Ford Focus RS RX rally car and witness Block maneuvering this all-wheel drive vehicle through the narrow streets and tunnels of this unique mountain town.

But if shedding tires weren’t enough, Ken steps it up a notch and gets behind the wheel of his Ford Escort Cosworth (sans tires) and “tirelessly” maneuverers his vehicle through a series of obstacles leaving an impressive display of sparks on the LA landscape.

For his fifth and final stunt, Ken heads to Shamrock, Texas to a historic part of Route 66 for an amazing display of vehicle control in his latest creation, the 914 HP 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck built by Detroit Speed & Engineering.

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Gymkhana 10 was a joy to watch, and we can’t wait to see what the head Hoonigan has planned for his next epic adventure. Special thanks to the Hooingan Industries for providing us with these still pics from the shoot.
What are your thoughts on the latest Gymkhana video? Hit us up with your thoughts below.

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