Hellion Twin-Turbo Equipped Shelby GT500 Hits The Dyno

There is something about dyno videos that will always attract me. I’m not sure what I love more, the front end lifting as the powerband increases or the framerate error giving me the illusion of the wheels spinning in opposite directions. What I am sure about is my love for the exorbitant sound the engine makes just before peak rpm, as everything is maxed out. Today’s eargasm comes from the sounds of Palm Beach Dyno Owner Ken Bjønnes’ twin-turbo GT500, aptly named Overkill.

If you remember Overkill from the 2022 TX2K, you might remember the smoke screen it left at the end of the track while making close to 1300-horsepower on the stock block. Thankfully for Bjønnes, he didn’t hit a patch of coolant or any other fluid, and the chassis stayed straight. This would mark the end of the stock 5.2-liter Predator engine attempting to keep up with the massive amounts of boost it was being fed. This would also set the stage for the next round of modifications, including a new long block and turbo setup.

Overkill is once again making its rounds on the internet, but this time for a better reason. The blue behemoth’s engine has been removed and fully torn down. While Bjønnes inspects the engine for our viewing pleasure or displeasure depending on your take, he switches from the old engine carnage to new engine combination at the 14:00 mark.


This time around a TKM Performance long block was installed with a pair of Headgames Motorworks heads mounted on each bank. While the term “sleeper” is not exactly the word for any GT500, the new turbo kit from Hellion maintains this title with its Twin-Turbo Sleeper kit utilizing Hellion Turbos and a massive 6-inch air-to-air intercooler. The pressured air is then forced down the throat of a Plazaman intake manifold. While official numbers have not been released you can bet this new combination is going to far outdo its previous stock block setup.

If you are in need of a little afternoon sound to revitalize your energy, or trying to find motivation to fix your blown engine, then click play and check the triumphant results that Palm Beach Dyno provides us!

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