Hoonigan Team Gives Salute To Ken Block With Tribute Video

On January 2nd, 2022, the world lost an icon in the automotive industry. A fearless leader who derived success on multiple fronts from winter sports to racing rally cross with Ford, co-founding shoe companies to creating generational influence through the Hoonigan channel, and so much more. As the news broke, my personal Facebook feed was chock-full of everyone in the same disbelief. People like Ken Block just are not supposed to die, but that exact event transpired and left most of us in shock. While friends posted images of meet and greets with Mr. 43, the impact he had inside and outside of the car community was being displayed in full force.


As everyone collected themselves going into 2023 knowing that we were off to a rough start, one could only imagine what the Hoonigan team was going through with such a personal loss. Now the team has released an update and a most-appropriate fitting tribute to Ken Block with a video to celebrate his life.

My only legacy is that I like creative stuff and I like fun stuff, and I don’t take life too seriously. -Ken Block

The song playing in the background of the tribute lyrics repeat “don’t slow down,” as Block is seen signing autographs, driving the wildest of vehicles at insane speeds, and doing what Block did best, living life to the fullest. Although his death was such a tragic event, seeing what Block did in his lifetime should give us all inspiration to continue living our dreams in all walks of life. The community owes Ken Block a huge thank you for all that he did for the automotive community in bringing in more folks, but also for what he did outside of it, as well. If you are looking to help or donate the Block family has setup the 43 Institute where you can donate.

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