KC’s Paint Shop Works F-250 Over With Harrop Supercharged Godzilla

Let’s be honest, work trucks face a hard life. Not only are they used as a tool day in, day out, but little to no care is directed at making sure they remain cosmetically solid. Once they’re retired from work duties, they are oftentimes sold to those less financially fortunate operations who try to keep it alive a few more years, or worse. However, there are exceptions and KC’s Paint Shop happens to have one in its personal fleet.


The early F-250 trucks were known for being a workhorse that was focused more on brute strength and reliability, than performance. Equipped with a push-rod, big cubic-inch engines, they were geared low and had the ability to tow large loads. But today, things have changed. The fourth- and fifth-generation F-100 trucks are reaching peak popularity, as builds are going as far as custom chassis’ and high-performance modern engines. While the F-100 has seen a resurgence in popularity, the F-250 has remained often overlooked, until recently.

KC’s Paint Shop saw the value of a service truck that represents the days when these trucks were still on the road. Instead of seeking out a modern truck to modify, they decided to stick to the guns and build a shop truck out of a 1974 F-250. This service truck does more than just be a static billboard for the Burleson, Texas based shop though. Under the hood, the truck holds a modern F-250 drivetrain with the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine mated to a 10R140 transmission. Although the 7.3-liter engine already makes great horsepower and torque, the shop decided that wasn’t going to be enough.

I don’t plan on getting beat from a stop light, with or without a trailer! KC Mathieu

On top of the 445-cubic inch engine is a Harrop Engineering supercharger that brings boost to the powerplant. The engine is controlled via a Ford Performance control pack, but what stands out is the recent release of the HP Tuners PCM Tuning option that gives owners the ability to tune their Ford Performance control pack with vehicles that retain the 10R140 transmission.


They say be cautious of the trucks that come from Texas, as you never know what to expect. Well, now you can add a 1974 F-250 to your list of “race with caution” with this one being equipped with big power in the most sleeper of applications. We’re extremely stoked to see what KC’s Paint and Body shop was able to do with the platform.

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