McQueen Racing Expands Its Steeda Partnership With Limited Bullitt

McQueen Racing Expands Its Steeda Partnership With Limited Bullitt

Shortly after the arrival of the second-generation Bullitt Mustang built on the S550 platform, Steve McQueen’s son Chad and Steeda Performance Vehicles joined forces to offer enhanced versions of the Bullitt inspired by the King of Cool’s iconic film. The companies took the Highland Green machines to a new caliber with Whipple supercharging, Steeda’s proven suspension upgrades, and a host of Steve McQueen-themed visual upgrades.

Now the two companies are expanding that partnership with plans to build more limited-production, high-performance machines under the McQueen Racing banner.

McQueen Racing

Led by Steve McQueen’s son Chad, who carries the family legacy with a successful racing background, McQueen Racing is a family affair. Madi McQueen acts as its Creative Director, while Chase McQueen runs its operations. In partnership with Steeda Performance Vehicles, McQueen Racing is expanding its offerings of limited-edition, high-performance vehicles, beginning with a new McQueen Racing package for owners of black 2019-2020 Mustang Bullitts. Next on the company agenda are McQueen Racing 2024 Mustangs. (Photo Credit: Chris Cervenka/Steeda)

“Our relationship with Steeda has been remarkable over the years. This new series of performance cars represents a significant advancement,” Chad McQueen, founder and CEO of McQueen Racing, said. “We’re starting with the Mustang, and I can assure you it will be nothing short of exceptional. I’m incredibly thrilled.”

The two companies plan to rev things up when the seventh-generation Mustangs arrive. Offerings will include naturally aspirated and supercharged versions sporting McQueen signature Mulholland wheels, Nitto tires, Steeda suspensions, and several styling and customization options.

McQueen Racing

The first example of the McQueen Racing Bullitt in black features the optional Whipple supercharger upgrade underhood, pushing its output beyond 825 horsepower. That power is planted by a complete Steeda suspension.

“Fast cars are in our DNA. We, both Chad and the McQueen Racing Team, along with everyone at Steeda, live and breathe performance. This new project has been long in the making and will be monumental,” Bob Adams, President of Steeda Performance Vehicles, explained. “Mustang enthusiasts should be excited because the best is about to get even better. Moreover, this is just the beginning, as our product plans encompass other highly desirable, high-performance vehicle models.”

Even before the McQueen Racing S650s arrives, the companies are expanding their offerings for the 2019-2020 Mustang Bullitts ordered with the black paint option. The first example of this package — built for a young Ezra Jones, who will officially inherit the keyfob when she turns 16 — made its public debut during the annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show on June 4, 2023.

While the functional upgrades to the McQueen Racing Bullitts are largely the same as those offered on the Steve McQueen Bullitts that proceeded them, the latest upgrades carry the McQueen Racing branding that will make its mark moving forward into the S650 era.

“My dad was looking for a partner that understood his vision and understood it, quality over quantity type of deal. We’ve worked well with Steeda Performance Vehicles and we were looking for a way to address the black Bullitt owners,” Chase McQueen, grandson of Steve McQueen, who runs the McQueen Racing operations, explains. “They didn’t have many options to ‘Steve McQueen’ their cars. What we’re doing with McQueen Racing is we’re taking that kit, essentially, and we’re rebranding it and we’re making it McQueen Racing and we’re gonna market it toward those black Bullitt owners so those guys could come in, and say, ‘Hey, I want more power and I want to do to my black car with Steve McQueen would do.’”

These cars are offered with many of the same appearance, handling, and performance upgrades as their Highland Green Steve McQueen cousins. These upgrades put a McQueen Racing spin on the familiar hardware from the aftermarket and Steeda to create a unique package.

McQueen Racing

McQueen Racing Mustangs roll on the company’s signature Mulholland wheels fitted with Nitto NT555 G2 high-performance tires.

“My dad went through every little thing of this car — from the suspension and the gearbox to the shift knob and the wheels,” Chase said. “There’s nothing you see on this car that my dad didn’t go through with a fine-tooth comb. He made this car to his spec so that he would enjoy it and he could take this on the track and he can do some hot laps.”

The mission was to create a Mustang that delivered the power to rival Dodge’s modern muscle machines but could still carve up the canyons and come out on top in a chase scene.

The McQueen Racing styling accents continue on the inside, as each model wears a unique dash plaque and door sill plates.

“Hellcats are fun in a straight line, but we wanted something with equal power that could handle,” Chase says. “The McQueen Racing Mustang plants the power in the turns. I couldn’t stop giggling. It’s one of those vehicles that you just put your foot in and you just start laughing. It is the funnest thing I’ve ever driven…”

If that combination of classic McQueen swagger and modern Steeda performance gets your tires spinning, look for the first custom-built McQueen Racing Mustangs with three-year/36,000-mile limited warranties to arrive this summer.

The McQueen Racing Bullitt debuted to the public during the annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show at the Boys Republic campus in Chino Hills, California, on June 2-4, 2023. Chase McQueen (left) and the family were on hand to support the show and had over the keys to the owner of the first example, Ezra Jones (right middle). She will inherit the keyfob, when she turns 16, from her parents Dorian Wells and Zack Jones. (Photo Credit: Steve Turner)

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