Melling’s Latest High Volume Oil Pumps For Ford Modular Engines

Recently, we published an article talking about the differences in types of oil pump. Now, on a more realistic, applicable-to-everyday-life level, Melling has released their latest pumps for the Ford Modular engines. While the Modular family of engines may have been overshadowed in recent years by the Coyote, they are still one of the most prolific engine architectures of the last 20 years.

To that end, they are getting up there in both age and mileage, and are starting to require new non-performance parts in order to remain in service. Enter Melling’s new line of oil pumps. “Our high-volume oil pumps for the Modular both offer a 20-percent increase in volume,” says Cale Risinger. “The pumps also feature a coated cast iron cover, designed to help make up for the pressure loss caused by wear, in higher-mileage engines.”

The new pumps come in two flavors, the M340HV and the M360HV variants. “The M340HV is the high volume variant of the stock M340 pump used on some Two-Valve, and most Three-Valve engines,” Risinger explains. “The M360HV is the high volume version of the OEM M360 oil pump used on the Four-Valve Modular engine.”

Both of the new high-volume pumps offer the same oil displacement, but differ in their pressure settings. “The M340HV has a 60psi bypass, and the M360HV features an 80psi bypass,” Risinger says. Both variants of the pump are direct-fit options, and like all of Melling’s pumps, are flow and pressure tested during the manufacturing process to ensure that when you bolt on your new pump, it functions flawlessly right out of the box.

One of the hallmarks of Melling is that all of their pumps are flow and pressure tested prior to leaving the factory. It’s one of the reasons they are chosen for both factory rebuilds as well as used in performance applications.

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