Modular Motorsports Racing Boast Of LT6 Killing Stroker Kit

They say comparison is the thief of joy, but that phrase must have passed over any group of naturally aspirated car owners. No one loves to compare engine dyno numbers more than those without the help of a power adder. The lack of forced induction even doubles as the perfect excuse when a race is lost. That being said, when the C8 Corvette Z06 appeared on the scene there was a lot less talk out of everyone. The bowtie’s LT6 engine brought a stout 670-horsepower figure to the table. Now Modular Motorsports Racing introduces a stroker kit for the Coyote engine that it claims will not only rival the Chevrolet engine, but surpass it as well.

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We have all heard of 700-horsepower and higher naturally aspirated builds before, but these typically go off the financial rails and are more associated with being race-only instead of street mannered. Albeit not completely apples to apples, Modular Motorsports Racing claims to have produced a complete stroker kit that tones down the need for exotic fuels and aftermarket blocks, but still puts down respectable numbers when compared to the Corvette’s 5.5-liter.

According to MMR its 5.5-liter stroker engine still utilizes the factory Coyote block and cylinder heads, however, the heads receive some love with a CNC port job. MMR then installed its camshafts, valve springs, raised compression stroker kit, and a host of billet goodies. As you can already tell, it took a bit of work to get to this point, but is far from a max effort build.


MMR mentioned a few techniques that claim would have gained them even more horsepower had they used larger headers, different oils, and more time spent on the intake manifold design. However, at 689-horsepower this bested the LT6 by almost 20-horsepower. Once again, this is not an apples to apples comparison, as one requires a high compression stroker kit and the other is a production unit. That being said the 5.5-liter stroker Coyote is still fully tunable, has a huge selection of aftermarket parts available, and requires a lot less money to make happen. So, in case you were curious about a 5.5-liter Coyote engine’s potential output, now you know.

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