Moroso Anti-Roll Kit Is The Right Tool For The Dragstrip

It is well known that everything can be used as a tool. While I’m not talking about using the significant other’s oven for a powder-coating experiment or your mother’s favorite needlepoint scissors for cutting strips of wire, there are automotive-related products that can aid you at the track to get the job done. One product that has been on the market for more than half a century is the line-lock and many have realized its abilities stretch past gender-reveal burnouts.

There is no clear answer to when the line lock was first used, however, they started to become more common at the dragstrip in the late 1940s when racers implemented anti-roll technology on their cars. These early models were often crudely adopted from other vehicles, such as the Studebaker Hill Holder, or were homemade contraptions that used items found in the garage and revised brake plumbing. Each version shared the same function: locking up the front wheels to hold the car in the water box for burnouts or prevent creeping off the line.


In the modern drag racing world, these antiquated pieces of equipment have been modernized and made safer with complete anti-roll kits available from companies such as Moroso Performance Products. While the concept of a line lock has remained the same, power levels and brake designs have changed with technology, thus making the job of the line lock more difficult.

To match the technology curve found in modern vehicles, Moroso has stepped up with its Anti-Roll Unit Kit that provides better holding power and the ability to work with modern ABS applications, as well as classic setups. Moroso’s Anti-Roll kit contains a heavy-duty push button switch, switch bracket, coiled wire, line-lock valve, fuse holder, and indicator light. The installation is simple and it can be mounted out of sight, as well.

While locking up the front wheels seems like a simple task, the end result of the line lock allows you to put proper heat in your rear tires which ensures an optimal launch. It can also be used during staging to keep from bumping through the beams. So, instead of putting your car through the stresses of a modulated pedal release, rely on the simple push of a button from Moroso to get the job done.

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