Mustang Dark Horse – A Pony With A Sinister Side Gets Trademarked

While Ford has been on the disruptive streak of naming new vehicles, we’re looking at you Maverick, Lightning, And Mustang Mach-E, they did seek out the public’s opinion on naming their black-out trim package. Instead of rehashing old names for the upcoming S650 Mustang, Ford had hoped their loyal fan base of wordsmiths would provide an idea that stood out. No clear prize was mentioned, but imagine having a hand in sculpting an aesthetics package name for Ford Motor Company.

Dark Horse

An all black appearance package that once went by the name Black Appearance Package, is overdue for a name change. Could the name Mustang Dark Horse be the newest moniker? Time will tell, but a trade mark has already been placed by Ford Motor Company. 

Most enthusiasts might have thought Ford’s marketing team had just run out of names, it was actually a way of hyping up the S650 and in the process replacing a window sticker tag-esque named aesthetics package. The one catch was that the new name had to align with the appearance of the black edition Mustang. As the company mentioned, “Our signature Mustang Black Accent Package needs a signature name to match.”

The contest was stated to end on June 7th, which left plenty of time for a group of thick-skinned interns to sift through inappropriate and sneaky verbiage. Now ford has applied for a trademark on the name Mustang Dark Horse. Since you can’t please everyone, I’m sure the small group of 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustangs are now writing angry emails. However, the name Mustang Dark Horse provides an aggressive tone that suits the body lines and powerplant the new S650 Mustang comes with much better than Mustang Black Accent Package could ever do. The horse with no name might have a name and name could be Dark Horse.


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