Mustang Named Women’s Performance Car Of The Year, Again


The Ford Mustang is often aligned with machismo and masculinity, and for good reason. With upwards of 526 horsepower available in the Shelby GT350, and even the base model V6 offering 300 ponies, the Mustang is arguably at the pinnacle of its performance. Yet the truth of the matter is that the Mustang has always appealed to women just as much as men—often for the same reasons—because it looks good and goes fast.

So it comes as no surprise that the Ford Mustang was named the Women’s Performance Car of the Year by the Women’s World Car of the Year awards.

Mustang narrowly won the title this year, beating out its stablemate, the Ford Focus RS, by a single point in the judging. This again reinforces the notion that men and women are looking for the same thing when it comes to performance cars, and that’s performance and good looks. Seventeen female judges representing 14 countries came together to make the decision, and though it was a close one, the Mustang once again came out on top.


“Ford Mustang is surprisingly loved by women who are after a sexy, sporty, masculine car that turns heads,” said Juliet Potter, Women’s World Car of the Year jury member from Australia. “Combining the car’s silver-screen celebrity status with real-life practicality, Mustang screams, ‘I am in control!’ and delivers the same behind the wheel with above-average grip and suspension.”

Can Ford and the Mustang make it a three-peat next year or will the Focus RS usurp the title from its rear-wheel-drive cousin?

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