Mustang Smashed By Airplane Motor In 1969 Crash

mustang-motorIn June of 1969, a Dominica Air Lines flight took off from Miami International Airport and immediately caught on fire. The plane was forced to turn around and attempt an emergency landingt. Unfortunately the plane ended up landing on Miami’s 36th street, killing ten people and wounding a dozen others, causing millions in property damage in the process.

Besides the unfortunate victims who died in the crash itself, many people found themselves secondary victims, their property and buildings destroyed and condemned. Among the wreckage was a classic Ford Mustang, which was crushed when one of the planes engines fell on it, giving us this unique and incredible picture.

Mustang Heaven came across this picture from the devastation of the plane crash, which we’d like to show you more photos of, but they’re all blocked by the Miami Herlad. The plane skidded across an intersection, shearing off several light poles before coming to rest on top of an auto body shop.

Wreckage was strewn across a wide area, and the Mustang was not only crushed, but appears to have caught on fire as well. While Ford put some pretty massive engines under the hood of their famous pony car, seeing an airplane engine (and a small airplane at that) sitting on top of this crushed car kind of puts it all in perspective.

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