New Bronco Sport Black Diamond Off-Road Package Available in 2023

We have all heard that if you want the most rugged and trail capable Bronco Sport then the trail-ready Badlands is the way to go, that was until Ford announced a new package that will be available for the new Bronco Sport. Starting in 2023, Ford will be offering the Black Diamond Off-Road package available on the Big Bend and Outerbanks Trim levels. What does that mean for consumers? There is a new trail-ready option for Bronco Sport lovers that is not a Badlands.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Off-Road package offers rugged new options to the Big Bend and Outer Banks Bronco Sport. No more worrying about bashing and scraping important undercarriage components, as it delivers off-road protection by adding steel bash plates that cover powertrain areas that often get damaged while off-roading. It will include a front metal skid plate, fuel tank protection, and the canister shield. It doesn’t stop with just off-road protection, as it will also add much needed grip with its 225/65R-17 all-terrain tires and stylish 17-in Carbonized Gray low-gloss aluminum wheels. Whether you are a rock-crawler or trailblazer, you will now have the protection needed to safely take your Bronco Sport off-road.

Not only does the Black Diamond Off-Road package add off-road capability, but it also adds some new stylish options to the exterior that are only available with this package. Adding a matte black hood graphic with a small Bronco horse logo and body side graphics with Bronco lettering on the driver and front-passenger doors, will scream style for this new off-road package and will set you apart from other Bronco Sports.

With the mix of capability and style, the new Black Diamond Off-Road Package will be an asset to those with a Big Bend or Outer Banks Bronco Sport. Taking your Bronco Sport on the trails is always fun, but having the proper set up is always important for safe off-roading. If you were considering a trail-ready vehicle, but still wanted the comforts of a daily driver, the new Black Diamond Off-road package will give you the best of both worlds on your Big Bend or Outer Banks Bronco Sport.

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