Corsa Performance Sounds Off With New Ford Bronco Cat-Back Exhaust

You have your new Ford Bronco, now what? After compiling a list of must-need modifications, putting on a new exhaust is usually topping the list. Surprisingly, exhaust systems are readily available for the new Bronco and there are many to choose from. Trust me, I have gone through a couple of exhaust systems for my Bronco to find the perfect one, and I have the videos to prove it! However, I believe my search for my ideal exhaust system has been found and I am excited to share the many reasons on why I went with Corsa Performance.

Corsa Performance

If you’re an avid off-roader like myself, you soon realize how important it is to have a high clearance exhaust system. Scraping or puncturing the exhaust shouldn’t be a worry, and that’s the first reason why I went with the Corsa Performance 2.75” single exit exhaust. The next important item on the list is performance, and the Corsa Performance Exhaust Cat-back exhausts boasts an increased exhaust flow of 118% with its straight through muffler design and a nice deep tone to go along with it.

Now that we have the two most important factors out of the way, let’s talk about ease of installation. This system installs easily with the use of basic hand tools, making it easy for those who do not have those fancy installation tools. Also, it’s a whopping 11 pounds lighter than the stock exhaust system, which is a plus in my book! All hardware required and detailed installation instructions are included, making the newbie installer feeling like they are a pro.

I always try to support USA-based business and I am a big fan of the American-based manufacturer, Corsa Performance is proudly manufactured in the lovely state of Ohio and I was happy to see that the exhaust was offered at such a reasonable price point. Having found my ideal exhaust system for my Ford Bronco was not an easy task, but I am happy to have it crossed off my to-do list. For a detailed review, and to hear what the exhaust sounds like on the Ford Bronco, be sure to check out my video above.

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