Edelbrock Twin Force Turbo Kits Powers Ford’s F-150/Raptor Ecoboost

Feeling like your 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Limited or Raptor pickup truck’s 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine isn’t cutting the kimchi anymore? Pining for a bump in power, but not sure where to turn? Edelbrock has just the solution your Ford pickup requires. The brand’s all-new Stage 1 Power Package and Twin Force Stage 2 and Stage 3 turbo kits is a snazzy solution that finds some extra ponies.

Aptly named, Edelbrock’s “Twin Force” turbocharger kits mark the first time in history that this iconic American performance parts manufacturer has entered the fiercely competitive aftermarket turbo arena.

Looking to learn a bit more, we reached out to Edelbrock’s engineering and design division for more details. We now have a firm grasp on what each of these 3.5-liter EcoBoost kits includes and where they excel. Needless to say, the results one can expect after installation are quite impressive.

Edelbrock turbo solutions do not require extensive modifications or hamper with the emission system.

Twin Force Stages 1, 2, and 3 Are Green for Go!

Currently, Edelbrock’s Ford EcoBoost turbocharger upgrades come in three stage offerings. Power gains range anywhere from 85–200 RWHP. The design team explains that the performance provided by each of the kits is intended to be extremely reliable. It is imperative that customers use the supplied Edelbrock calibration tool to keep their Twin Force turbo upgrade 50-state legal.

The Ford F-150 Limited and Raptor Stage 1 Power Package are equal parts simple and effective.

Stage 1 Power Package

Edelbrock’s Stage 1 kit was engineered to serve as a basic turbo upgrade setup. This eco-system has been designed to leave ample room for more hardcore power-adders down the line. The Stage 1 Power Package is retained prior to installing Edelbrock’s Stage 2 or 3 Turbo System.

By itself, the Edelbrock Twin Force Stage 1 Power Package for the ’17-’20 Ford F150/Raptor is more of a towing and daily performance booster than a neck-snapper. The system relies on a larger capacity intercooler, high-flow turbo inlet, larger air filter, and Edelbrock’s Stage 1 ECU mapping via a PCM reflash tuner. This bolt-in affair and lower price point could become a Ford F-150 Limited favorite.

Another perk of this Stage 1 kit, unlike other aftermarket charge air mods, is retaining OEM-quality fit and finish. No excessive modifications are required during the installation.

Generating 85 additional ponies at the wheels, Edelbrock’s Stage 1 Power Package is the only kit within the Twin Force family that does not include turbochargers and is, therefore, the easiest to install and least expensive. Currently, pre-order asking prices stand at $2,096.24 for the Stage 1 Power Package on the Edelbrock website.

Twin Force Stage 2 Turbo System

Stepping things up a notch, with a 180 RWHP gain over stock, is Edelbrock’s Twin Force Stage 2 Turbo System. This kit takes the Stage 1 Power Package and throws a couple of upgraded Garrett turbos into the mix, along with a few other goodies. This translates to the addition of a bespoke Stage 2 tuner for calibration. This can be omitted via the purchase of a separate kit if you have an a different tuning tool. Either way, one will be required with your Stage 2 setup.

A pair of custom Garret turbos and a tuner juice things up in this Twin Force Stage 2 kit.

The turbochargers packed into this Twin Force Stage 2 kit are the same as its more hardcore Stage 3 alternative. Conceptualized by Edelbrock’s engineers, they collaborated with the turbo masterminds at Garrett. Together, the two were able to engineer an all-new direct bolt-on turbo setup. This results in the latest in turbocharger technology, and still keeps things 50-state legal.

How Does It Work?

Achieving a 54-percent  increase in flow over the stock snails in the 3.5-liter EcoBoost F-150 Limited is a nice notch up. Garret took a 60mm billet compressor wheel and combined it with a 50mm Inconel turbine wheel and stuffed them both into a notably larger .45 A/R stainless-steel turbine housing. This resulted in a 38-percent larger compressor inlet size over the stock setup. A total measurement of 2.75-inches is the final score. In the end, it is ideal for mating up to Edelbrock’s high-flow turbo inlet piping.

The larger intercooler, air inlet tubes, and high-flow air filter, allow the twin snails to spool faster. This guarantees to force an insane amount of air into the engine. Pricing on the Edelbrock’s Twin Force Stage 2 Turbo System sits squarely at $5,026.46 per kit.

The Twin Force Stage 3 Turbo System includes everything you need to get an additional 200 RWHP.

Twin Force Stage 3 Turbo System

As for the Stage 3 Twin Force Turbo System for the F-150 Limited/Raptor, this kit takes everything found within the Stage 2 Turbo System, and ups the intensity with a few additional add-ons. The trick upgrade is the electronic fuel pump booster. To unlock up to 200 RWHP over stock, the Stage 3 ECU calibrations, and a handheld tuner with mapping are key.

As with both of its less potent alternatives, the Stage 3 Twin Force kit features easy bolt-on installation, OEM-quality fit and finish, and zero need for fabrication and engine modification.

Ordering one of these top-tier turbo upgrade kits will set you back $6,559.94.

Quick Nerd Note: Make sure that you do not use a wideband oxygen sensor in place of the rear O2 sensor with these forced induction upgrades. If you plan on dyno testing your rig, Edelbrock explains that while it is not 100-percent certain, it does give fair warning. There have been cases where the voltage signal from a wideband O2 sensor has caused the fuel system to run lean. This could possibly lead to internal engine damage.

A close look at the one-off snails co-developed by Edelbrock and Garret for the 3.5L EcoBoost Ford F-150.

Parting Points to Consider

Pricing for each of these kits appears to be quite competitive when considering what similar upgrades from other manufacturers cost. Now, here is what to watch out for when installing these Edelbrock upgrades.

Edelbrock’s decision to make this an easily upgradeable setup is definitely commendable. By procuring a Stage 1-2 Turbo System Upgrade Kit (part #158337), you have the ability to turn the Stage 1 Power Package into a complete Stage 2 Turbo System. The same approach is made available to those who already have a Stage 2 Turbo System, as obtaining a Stage 2-3 Turbo System Upgrade Kit (part #158338) turns the kit into a complete Stage 3 configuration.

This is not to say there are not a few caveats with these kits. 91 octane gasoline is required at all times. Anything less requires draining the tank and refilling with 91 or higher premium pump gas twice prior to installation. Edelbrock claims that failure to use premium pump gasoline could result in you permanently damaging your engine. Subsequently rendering your kit ineligible for any warranty repairs.

Speaking of warranties, in order to obtain Edelbrock’s impressive 3-year/36,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, the turbocharger system must be installed by a Certified ASE Technician at a licensed business, at a Ford dealership, or by an “authorized Edelbrock installer.” Unfortunately, this means DIY time in the garage will more than likely void these warranties. Unless you are ASE certified you might want to take your truck to the shop for this aftermarket upgrade.

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