How To Fix Camber Complications After Lowering An S550 Mustang

The 2015-2021 Ford Mustang comes poised from the factory with a low ride height. While this might suit the normal daily driver, others have found they want to lower their S550 Mustang even more for track use or simply aesthetics. However, lowering the S550 Mustang introduces camber complications due to the independent rear suspension. Now, BMR Suspension has a one-piece fix for this dilemma.


The OEM control arms are non-adjustable and when the vehicle is lowered the negative camber causes the wheel to become tucked into the wheel wells. This negative camber will cause premature tire wear and create a smaller contact patch, something no racer wants. To alleviate this you could purchase a set of adjustable control arms to bring it back in spec, but this also created a potential weak spot if the tie rod on the new control arms were to fail. It also added yet another variable to the alignment.

The new BMR billet non-adjustable upper control arms eliminate the need for an overly complicated system by utilizing a one-piece design. The BMR upper control arms are manufactured to be longer than its OEM counterpart, which in turn corrects the S550 suspension geometry. BMR Suspension CNC-machines the arms from 6061 T6 billet aluminum for strength. To maintain the spherical bearings, an internally fluted grease point allows quick access to keep them smooth.

Meant for creature comforts over performance, the factory OEM control arms used a rubber bushing. This rubber bushing absorbs and deflect the power it is given, creating inconsistent handling.The BMR units utilizes a Delrin bushing to prevent these OEM scenarios. In addition, spherical bearings connect the spindle to the upper control arms to improve wheel alignment. The use of both bushing and bearings help withstand extreme power levels without sacrificing articulation. Best of all, these American-made, non-adjustable upper control arms save four pounds over the stock units, so go ahead and finish off lunch without guilt.

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