QA1 Develops Coilovers For Crown Vic Front End Swapped F-100s

The Ford F-100 has lived an interesting life over its multi-decade span. What was originally conceptualized as a work truck, eventually became the choice for hot-rodders who desired a sturdy chassis with high horsepower potential. While the days of street and strip warriors have slightly faded, the ProTouring segment has stepped in to sculpt these single cab trucks into a new era.

As you could imagine, handling tight corners and accelerating with lightning fast corner-exit speed was never on the agenda at Ford Motor Company during its F-100 meetings. The full frame trucks were meant to haul heavy loads and bear repeat abuse. However, ProTouring is all about making the impossible possible.


Adam Justice’s F-100 sits perfectly with the QA1 coilovers on his Crown Vic swapped front end. In addition to the front coilovers, Adam uses QA1 rear suspension for optimal handling and looks.

Over the years owners have tried numerous ways to allow their F-100 to handle the autocross and road race circuit. Pioneers of the sport would first start with the Mustang II suspension, but the antiquated geometry has now been swapped in favor of the Crown Vic front end. The price point of a complete Crown Vic is abysmally low, which allows the front end to be picked up at a great price. In addition, the Crown Vic front end allows a 4-5-inch drop without any modification.

This Crown Vic front end gives the F-100 the starting point to a great stance and better handling than the original. However, ProTouring isn’t just about looks, there is a major push towards functionality and can be seen through a variety of events that test the trucks handling. This is where QA1 once again steps in. QA1 has been instrumental in providing the suspension to allow your truck to handle everything, including after front end swaps are made.

The QA1 coilovers for the 2003-2011 Crown Vic front end conversion on an F-100 come preset with springs that suit the truck’s weight. The adjustability of up to 3-inches allows owners to maximize their drop to their liking. Finally, the American-made coilovers offer the ability to set your ride from firm for performance to soft for cruising with simple adjustments. So, if you’re looking to make your F-100 look and handle its best, then QA1 has an extremely viable option. All you have to do is bolt the coilovers on and go drive it!

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