Nitrous Outlet Introduces The Hydra Multi-Discharge Nozzle

Nitrous Outlet Introduces The Hydra Multi-Discharge Nozzle

The performance aftermarket is always looking for ways to improve on an old design, and Nitrous Outlet is no different. The company continues to push the envelope with new ways to distribute nitrous into an engine. Their latest design to hit the market is called the Hydra. 

The Hydra Multi-Discharge Nozzle is an aerodynamically machined piece and is capable of flowing 250 horsepower and is perfect for just about any racing application that needs a little boost. The new nozzle features a multi-discharge design made for EFI applications where a nitrous plate is unavailable or may not fit. This nozzle measures 2-3/4-inches in length and will achieve optimal performance when placed in front of a throttle body on any electronic fuel-injected engine. The Hydra works by saturating the air intake charge entirely by producing the best-atomized fuel and nitrous mixture into the airstream. The Hydra Multi-Discharge Nozzle is available in four systems.

Hydra Nozzle Features:

  • Capable Of 250 Horsepower
  • Aerodynamically Designed
  • 1/8th NPT 
  • 90-Degree Multi-Discharge
  • 3AN Fuel and Nitrous Fittings
  • Anodized Black and Laser Etched
  • Four Nitrous Discharge Ports
  • Four Fuel Discharge Ports

The Hydra System

The new Hydra nozzle is available separately or in a single nozzle wet nitrous system configuration with four different systems to choose from. The systems include the Hydra nozzle, jetting from 35-250 horsepower, hardware, electrical pack, high-performance 400 horsepower solenoids, stainless steel lines, and your choice of a 10-, 12-, or 15-pound bottle. You can also order the system without a nitrous bottle if you already have one. 

  • Gain Up To 250HP
  • 1/8″ NPT Nozzle
  • Includes All Hardware and Wiring
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 400HP Solenoids
  • Compatible With All Vehicles
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • Jetting Included For 35-50-75-100-150-200 HP Settings

For more information on the new Hydra nitrous systems and others, be sure to visit Nitrous


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