Now You Can Custom-Tune Your New 2019 Mustang For More Performance

If you just picked up a 2019 Mustang or you are planning to buy the latest pony car, you won’t have to wait to mod it. That’s because SCT Performance now offers performance calibrations for the latest Mustang GT courtesy of its leading-edge handheld tuner.

“The wait is over. Custom tuning for 2019 Mustang GT is now available on the BDX Performance Programmer,” says SCT.

You can get this custom tune for your SCT BDX Performance Programmer through our Custom Tuning Dealer Network. — SCT Performance

As you know, you can’t even think about modifying a modern Mustang without reprogramming the factory PCM to make the most of the changes. Without doing so it will either driver poorly or could even cause damage. Moreover, even on a stock Mustang, a hotter calibration will give you improved performance. And thanks to this tuner’s capability, you easily turn up the fun on your new Mustang.

Thanks to SCT Performance, your tuner of choice can now create a calibration designed for your particular 2019 Mustang and you can download it over WiFi and flash it into your car via the BDX handheld without using a computer. (Photo Credit: SCT Performance)

“You can get this custom tune for your SCT BDX Performance Programmer through our Custom Tuning Dealer Network,” the company explained. “The SCT BDX updates easily over WiFi, no computer connection is required. Select ‘Program Vehicle’ on the device, then retrieve the latest tune files available, including your custom tune through the cloud. Precisely when you need it.”

For more on the SCT BDX tuning for the latest 5.0 Mustang, check out SCT’s product page right here.

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