Rare Roush RS3 Lays Down Over 720 Horsepower At The Wheels

Rare Roush RS3 Lays Down Over 720 Horsepower At The Wheels

Brenspeed is known for working on some pretty cool rides, and this one is no exception. The Roush RS3 is a powerhouse, and as Brent White describes, it’s actually even a little more rare than just your average Roush RS3 — as if they were crazy common in the first place.

This particular 2014 Roush RS3 features a built engine from the factory with a Roush TVS 2.3-liter supercharger. After coming from Roush with the extra performance power, Brenspeed installed several of its own upgrades, including  cooling mods, Kooks long-tube headers, a JLT Performance cold air intake, a Ford Performance Parts throttle body, a McLeod twin-disc clutch, a 69mm supercharger pulley, upgraded fuel injectors, and a Roush fuel pump booster. It came from the factory ready to run some impressive times, but the improvements installed at Brenspeed only enhanced its existing power to make the most of that built engine.

What will a built Coyote, a TVS blower and the right bolt-ons deliver? Feast your eyes on those peak dyno numbers and that impressive power curve. Pumping out over 700 rear-wheel horsepower is no joke.

The car ripped off an easy 722 orsepower and 607 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels on the chassis dyno. That is not at all surprising considering the factory improvements and the Brenspeed additions to the engine and drivetrain setup. As Brent explained, this car proves that it’s actually relatively easy to get 600 or 700 horsepower out of the Coyote platform with boost and the right bolt-ons.

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