Road Blog: Day 6 GoodGuys Hall of Fame Tour

Photo by Rob Kinnan

Day 6, also known as the day it rained! If you’ve been following along with the tour you may have noticed that throughout the week we were either being chased or chasing a storm. Each day we had a good bit of sunshine and I kept looking at it as a great way of getting the car clean without trying. Until day 6. We couldn’t escape the beast and somehow ended up right in the middle of it and it wanted to show us who was boss. This also happened to be the day my defrost stopped working which just added to the fun. “Ridin’ the Storm Out” was playing loud on a continuous loop thanks to Kicker!

Lucky for us it was like the Goodguys knew it was going to happen and we had a short 100 mile day with some awesome stops that kept us indoors with tons of stuff to see. First up was a private car collection somewhere in Nebraska. That’s actually all I can say about it because the it’s not open to the public and pictures were not allowed. But it was awesome! Every car you could possibly imagine in one giant space. The building itself was a spectacular site to see and the bathroom even had a gold handrail. Once again Goodguys used their magical charm to get us into somewhere not too many get to go. The owner was there and even gave me a tour upstairs where I picked out where I would live in case he took me up on my offer to adopt me. I promise to do all the yard work and shine the cars each day in case he’s reading this now. I think my Mustang looks pretty good out front!

Next stop was Speedway Motors. At first I thought, oh yeah a car parts warehouse. Then you go in and it’s like holy cow! Moving shelves, conveyor belts and cherry pickers that go 100 feet in the air, all made up this amazing real life version of Santa’s workshop. I’m sure many of you are like me and have ordered parts from Speedway and to see the process they have to get us those parts was pretty cool. After seeing how it all worked they took us to their Museum of American Speed. It’s filled with everything racing related you can imagine. Cars, trucks, engines and bikes, if it went fast they have it!
Tomorrow, Day 7 we head to Stillwater, Oklahoma with stops along the way at Lawrence Smith’s Private Collection and my personal favorite, Kicker Audio!

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