Stay Lubricated With Moroso’s New Dry Sump Oil Tanks

Dry sump oil systems are used on a variety of different high-horsepower engine combinations across many forms of motorsports. These systems are a must-have for these engines to ensure they are properly lubricated and assist with optimal engine placement. Moroso’s new line of dry sump oil tanks have been designed with racers in mind to provide easier maintenance and more options for mounting a dry sump tank.

High horsepower engines that are sporting a dry sump oiling system are typically going to require an elevated level of maintenance. Moroso wanted to make servicing an engine and dry sump system easier if debris ever got into the tank. Brett Corriveau from Moroso talks about why the company developed these new tanks.

“Moroso introduced this line of dry sump tanks in order to have options that were easily serviceable by racers. These tanks have a two-piece removable lid, which is machined from billet aluminum and features O-ringed sealing flanges. This lid makes inspecting and cleaning easier than comparable tanks with a welded-on filler neck.”

Moroso offers two different five- and six-quart tanks with either a remote breather or integrated breather option. The five-quart tank is perfect for vehicles that need a lower height tank to fit in tighter areas.

“All of these tanks feature single -16AN inlets and -12AN feeds for compatibility with all of our current geroter and tri-lobe series of dry sump pumps. Inside, the de-aeration baffle includes an integrated acceleration baffle, which helps keep oil down low in the tank in order to keep a steady supply fed to the pressure section of your dry sump pump. This became an important feature to include once we started seeing cars with low 1-second 60-foot times where oil slosh in the tank becomes more of a potential issue. The tanks also feature O-ring drain plugs, and their 7-inch diameter means they are compatible with the wide range of tank mounting solutions we offer,” Corriveau explains.

You can learn more about these dry sump tanks right here on Moroso’s website.

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