Supercharged 7.3L Godzilla Equipped Ford Falcon Attacks The Hub Dyno

You might recall a particular engine dyno video from Harrop Superchargers displaying its TVS2650 supercharger atop a Dandy Engines 7.3-liter Godzilla engine. As the engine went full tilt on the dyno and produced massive horsepower, speculations began to swirl on what chassis would be the lucky recipient of the supercharged engine. Well, that time has arrived as the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine migrated from engine dyno to the engine bay of a four-door Ford XA Falcon.

The name Falcon might be a familiar one for most American Ford car gurus, but the XA prefix probably does not ring a bell. The XA Falcon was produced for most of the ‘70s by Ford Australia with some assistance from across the pond. The coke bottle shape and vintage vibes don’t exactly scream performance, which makes it the perfect sleeper. Add in a mild curb weight, factory 9-inch rearend, and ability to fit a large V8 engine under the hood and you have the perfect assassin. After all, the Australians are known for their love of big horsepower and even bigger burn outs.

While the engine dyno is great for testing an engine a la carte, checking the collaboration of the drivetrain, fueling, and engine performance in a controlled environment requires a chassis dyno. In this test, Harrop puts the Falcon on a Mainline ProHub dyno and is able to simulate a quarter mile pass without the fear of losing traction. As the Turbo 400 transmission receives the power and submits it to the 9-inch rearend, the front of the vehicle lifts up from the massive amount of torque the 7.3-liter engine is known for.


Outside of the bell mouth intake, the Falcon remains the same for street and track usage.

After the pull is finished the results stand at 1,305 horsepower and 1,105 lb-ft of torque! Not bad for a four-door family car. So what is next for the XA Falcon? Well, hitting the dragstrip and participating in 275-series racing of course. Stick around as we’ll keep you updated on this incredible fast Falcon.

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