Texas SVT Lightning Society Disproves Second Strike Myth

There is a myth that Lightning will not strike the same place twice. Many people believing this false legend have met their demise after the clouds produced the bright electrical discharge of high voltage into their bodies. However, the Texas SVT Lightning Society decided to do a test of their own. In their second year running, the cruise returned to the same place from the prior year. While these Ford Lightnings are far from the hazards of getting struck, and greatly distance themselves from any electrically charged vehicle with the same name, they brought a thunderstorm to an otherwise clear day in central Texas.


With a great color scheme of black and gold, this Lightning was well done sporting a Whipple
3.4-liter supercharger

As you may know, the first two generations of the Ford Lightning have a cult-like following. Even though these trucks were not built with mass production in mind, their owners have made an effort to make it appear as if they were. Each year, Lightning owners from across Texas meet in a central location at the world’s largest gas station in New Braunfels, Texas. As the Buc-ee’s beaver looks on from the store front (yes, you read that correctly) admiring the group of trucks rolling in, eager enthusiasts band together to discuss each other’s builds. Shortly after the meet and greet, the group will cruise into the hill country enjoying views and the sounds of exhaust notes roaring through the Texas countryside.

Hector Trevino brought out his Coyote and 6R80 swapped first generation Lightning to lead the cruise. Trevino is also the one who organizes the meet and cruise.

New Braunfels, Texas is my home town and I knew I wanted to make sure and attend this event. While my two Lightnings were left at home in favor of the family hauler, the group is extremely inviting to all Ford trucks. In attendance was not just the coveted single-cab SVT product, but Harley-Davidson editions, SuperCrews, and even a Raptor. Everything from swapped to stock, standard height to completely dropped, and fully built to dealership stock all made up the variety. As the events scheduled for me to attend this year will host exponentially more vehicles, it’s nice to relax amongst fellow Texans, and appreciate what the Special Vehicle Team brought to us so many decades ago. For more pictures check out the gallery below.

Photo gallery


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