Video: A Coyote 5.0 With Individual Throttle Bodies Hits 8,200 RPM

Is there anything so sweet as the sound of a high-revving small-block V8 engine? It’s hard to argue with a statement like that, because as history has proven cars with these kinds of engines draw top dollar at auction, whether they be European exotics or American muscle. Ford’s new Coyote 5.0 engine is also destined for greatness, as it is a bold, powerful engine that is both refined and efficient to boot.

Plus, after seeing this engine on a dyno with eight-individual throttle bodies revving up to 8,200 RPM, we can’t help but believe that the Coyote 5.0 belongs in the pantheon of forever-great engines.

Built by InnoV8 Race Engines of Stapleton, Queensland Australia, this high-revving 5.0 is fitted with eight individual throttle bodies reminiscent of the days of old. InnoV8, which primarily builds V8 Supercar engines, is working on three stages of this naturally-aspirated 8-stack Coyote motor. Stage 1 is good for 510 horsepower and 450 ft-lbs; Stage 2 bumps horsepower up to 560.

Stage 3, which is what we’re seeing here on the dyno, is good for 620 horsepower and 450 ft-lbs of torque, from an 8-stack equipped Coyote 5.0 on either pump gas or E85. But the most impressive aspect of this build is the RPM redline, which in a stock 2012 5.0 Mustang goes to about 6,900 RPM. InnoV8 took their N/A Mustang to 8,200 RPM’s, giving us that sweet song of high-revving horsepower.

With all the focus on power adders these days, could the Coyote 5.0 make naturally aspirated horsepower cool again?

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