Video: Convertible F-150 Lowers Its Roof But Raises Questions

Back in the mid-2000s, General Motors took a big chance with the Chevrolet SSR, its retro-styled pickup that featured a folding hardtop convertible roof. The SSR was a cool concept vehicle, but the idea of a convertible pickup has never been particularly popular, and it came as no surprise when SSR production ended after just three model years. Just over 24,000 SSRs were built, and GM has wholly abandoned the idea of a droptop pickup.


Yet there are still people for whom the joining if truck utility with the open-air freedom of a convertible is still appealing, which brings us to today’s video. Newport Convertible Engineering released video of their latest project, an aluminum-bodied F-150 with a convertible softop.

NCE is well known in the car world for making convertibles out of hardtop vehicles ranging from the Tesla Model S to the Nissan GT-R. As far as we know, they never turn down a job, even if it goes against common sense and good taste, both of which are in short supply in this particular project. There’s nowhere for the droptop to, well, drop, so it just sort of floats uselessly over the truck bed.


That all said, there is something oddly appealing about this build, particularly for Ford fans awaiting the return of our beloved Bronco. Having the off-road ability of an F-150 combined with the freedom of a convertible roof can definitely be appealing, although a hardtop conversion would be better for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Regardless of our opinions, we want to know what you think. Is this an affront to all things F-150, or a cool idea if you have the money to spare?

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