Video: Mustang Erupts Into Flames On The Track At TX2K16

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One of the most anticipated non-holiday weeks in America is spring break, but for the automotive enthusiast, spring break offers the opportunity for supercar, muscle car, and import fans to gather at the annual TX2K events in Texas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.51.29 PMTx2K16, which takes place in Houston, is a week-long event that features events and car shows that appeal to any motorhead from any background, with roll racing and 1/4-mile track racing being two of the largest draws. The Royal Purple Raceway has become the epicenter for racers alike to showcase how in-tune man and machine are on the track as they chase elusive elapsed times.

During the on-track racing action, this silver 2014 Mustang GT of Luis Alfonso provided perhaps the most intense moment of the week, when he had a starting line mishap that quickly went from bad to worse. His nitrous-eqipped ride seems to have either backfired through the intake manifold, catching the filter on fire, or possibly a nitrous fuel line failure. This caused everything under the hood to ignite until the flames licked the nitrous solenoid long enough, leading to its imminent failure. Flames then erupted as the fire was consistently fed with nitrous, causing quite the spectacle as track officials tried to douse the flames.

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As race fans watched, the fire safety track vehicle approached the Mustang and attempted to knock back the flames, although it seems that no progress was really made until the nitrous bottle was spent.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.53.00 PMLuis was able to exit the car safely, but sadly could not assist in the efforts to help save his ride, an was forced to wait until the flames subsided.

It’s sad to see anyone go through this kind of turmoil, but it does teach us that you have to be prepared for everything. This video should serve as a stern reminder to inspect your fuel and nitrous lines more often, and possibly even think of investing in a fire system.

 Video credit: 1320Video

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