PRI 2014: Eibach Suspension Components For Whatever Moves You

One of the biggest names in automotive performance springs and other suspension componets for cars and trucks is Eibach. We spent some time with Oliver Rathlein of Eibach, and he filled us in on their race-winning coil springs and about some new products the company has been coming on strong with lately.


“Our products have been used by a lot of the guys winning races and championships out there in the off-road arena, and what we offer is everything from the really large coils for the Trophy Trucks and bigger vehicle classes all the way to the smaller coils for the buggies.” These coil overs come in everything from tall to short heights, and spring rates from 200-800 pounds. The springs are stackable, meaning different springs with different rates can be combined to offer the best combination of performance characteristics in off-road racing applications.


Rathlein says that sway bars and Pro Plust Sport Performance Packages are the hottest products in the street and muscle car markets. “For the street crowd we offer a range of products from performance sport springs to lowering springs and sway bars. The hottest thing in the street category is the the Pro-Plus Sport Performance Package. It has sport springs and sway bars in the same package for each individual application, and we have it for probably 200 applications now.” Those applications include muscle cars, sport compacts, and European cars.

Rathlein says that Eibach springs are made from a light weight super high tensile strength steel which translates to a lighter spring, less unsprung weight, and in racing a  spring that unloads quicker and gets the tire back down to the ground much faster, helping to maintain traction and control.

The motorsports springs and street springs have a lifetime warranty, and are guaranteed to not lose height or rate. To find an application that fits your vehicle check out the  Eibach website.


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