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May 15th, 2011

Fordmuscle Ranchero Tube Chassis Part- 28


Sheet Metal / Battery tray

The sheet metal part of this build is nearing completion. The sides of  the bed are left and there will also be sheet metal in the engine compartment at a later date once the headers are completed. I am within the two week mark of  the Ranchero returning home for paint, wiring,  plumbing, engine/Trans, and assembly. The truck will return to Nosnhoj Performance for Headers, finalization, and start-up. 

Pete has really utilized his plasma cam machine on many components of this build. Here is yet another piece, the battery tray.


This corner section of the sheet metal in the bed came out great. The other side is a mirror image of this one. All of the sheet metal pieces are like a puzzle they fit together perfectly, but have a certain sequence for removal or installation.

Here’s a shot of the bed completed other than inner bed sides. There are splash pans that go from the bottom of the wheel wells to the back of the truck which are not quite visable in this image.  

The front part of the  tunnel was re-made to be one piece. It dzus fastens to the floor pan and to the firewall flange. Bringing the entire trans tunnel to a total of  two pieces, for easy removal for service. 

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