Holley Performance Products is proud to announce the release of its complete line of Avenger, HP, and Dominator EFI
systems for those wanting to make the switch from a carburetor or
upgrade from their factory ECM’s. These systems cover everyone from
entry level users all the way to professional racers. All include
Holley’s revolutionary self-tuning fueling strategies to take away
tuning fears from novice users or save time for the experienced user.

The Avenger EFI systems are complete “bolt-on-and-go” systems. They
can be purchased in 2BBL TBI or 4BBL TBI as direct replacements for
carburetors or in 4BBL or Stealth-Ram(tm) multi-port variations. They
will feed up to 600 horsepower and setup is performed on the included
hand-held controller eliminating the need for a laptop. Once setup is
completed, the last step is to start the engine and let the Avenger
self-tune for optimal performance and economy.

Holley HP EFI systems are capable of controlling applications from
mild street cars to full race cars. They are completely tunable via
laptop to give users complete control, but also include self-tuning
strategies if the user wishes to use them. HP EFI systems are available
in the same configurations as the Avenger units, plus a universal
multipoint, plug & play systems for GM LS engines, and ECU only. HP
systems come with boost control, nitrous control, water/meth injection
control and more by way of four configurable inputs and four
configurable outputs. The HPs also have internal data-logging,
distributorless ignition control, as well as individual cylinder fuel &
spark control.

The Dominator system builds upon everything the HP system features,
plus the addition of electronic transmission control, drive by wire
throttle body control, rev limiters and more. The Dominator systems have
a massive amount of inputs and outputs to allow nearly any combination
of usage. Both the Dominator and HP systems can be tuned with Holley’s
unique full color 5.7″ LCD touch screen. For complete information on
Holley’s new line of EFI systems, visit www.holleyefi.com

For Immediate Release
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Holley Performance
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