Fords Cruise For A Great Cause In North Carolina

7LC_4167Over the Memorial Day Weekend we headed out for the small town of Andrews, North Carolina, for its twice-a-year Andrews Cruise Night. The presenting organization is officially called Andrews Cruise Night For The Kids, which was created with the sole purpose of raising money alongside the Andrews Police Department for local children in need.

This great cause combined with some aspects of the event that make it a little different from your normal cruise night make this one of the most popular cruise nights in the area. The event regularly draws repeat attendants from two and three hours away and on this particular night there was a packed house. Of course we were there to hunt out some of the coolest Fords in the area and the Blue Oval faithful did not disappoint!

Check out this row of modern machines. At the top left a Coyote boosted by a Paxton supercharger. Top right is a Ruby Red Coyote with a set of black aftermarket wheels. Bottom left is a 3.7 V6 modified with a nice set of black wheels and black emblems. At bottom right is an one of our personal favorites, a Saleen S302 White Label. With Saleen's magic touches, this car needed no extra modifications to be a show stopper!

When we pulled into the parking lot, a row of modern Mustangs caught our eye right away and we knew we must have came to the right place to capture some cool Ford muscle. This line of cars is a prime of example of the wide variety you get a cruise nights like this. There are so many unique cars, you just never know what you are going to see. It can be a breath of fresh air from the bigger shows where everyone follows the popular trend.

Another one of our favorites of the night was this Ford F150. Even in the less popular "long bed" form, this was one slick truck! The tag read "DOLLAPIT" and we can certainly see that the owner spent some serious money on this restoration! Trucks are always a bit more of a challenge because usually they have spent their entire life being just that, trucks. This one however was as perfect as any truck could ever be!

Around Christmas, we try and find a local family in need to help out. We also have a Christmas dinner every year and we give out gifts, Santa Claus comes, we have a good time with it. — Danny Rich

We got to spend a little time with Danny Rich, one of the event promoters to talk about some of the things that the organization does for the community.

“Around Christmas, we try and find a local family in need to help out,” he said. “We also have a Christmas dinner every year and we give out gifts, Santa Claus comes, we have a good time with it.”

Beyond Christmas, the group also helps out local kids in need all through out the year. From glasses to hair cuts to a cap and gown for a graduating senior, if there is a child big or small in need, they help out where they can. It is really nice to see the automotive community come together to support such a good cause and the future of our hobby!

Another cool feature of the Andrews Cruise Night is the fact that they actually cruise the street. It’s a great throwback to days gone by and it gives the spectators a chance to see and here all these awesome machines in action!

The 1940 Ford, owned by Dick Goodell retains  all of its classic stock body lines but the drive train has been upgraded in typical street rod fashion with disc brakes and Mustang II rack & pinion steering. The 1969 Mustang, owned by Lyman Holland, is as it came from Ford with its original 351 power plant bolted to its original four speed manual transmission.  Both of these Ford's are timeless works of art!

If you are anywhere near Andrews, North Carolina, you really should consider taking the trip over to one of these cruise nights. The cruise location, the Andrews Town Centre is located just off Hwy 129 which also contains a stretch of road a few miles up the road you might have heard of called Tail Of The Dragon.

The promoters have not set their fall date yet, but when they do, it will be posted on their Facebook page. Rumor has it there might even be an unofficial burnout contest that finishes off each cruise night. We guess you will just have to come out and see about that for yourselves!

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