Camburg’s Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

The new Ford Bronco has become a vehicle magnet for modifying with aftermarket accessories. When Jerry Zaiden of Camburg Engineering got his new ride, he turned to Anderson Composites to get his Bronco Raptor decked out with carbon fiber. But that is just the beginning of the upgrades and Zaiden has big plans for the vehicle.

You might think the Bronco Raptor is already equipped with everything one could ask for right from the showroom floor. And for a $70,000 MSRP, you would hope so. The factory offering might appease some off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Jerry Zaiden on the other hand has refined off-road experience and specific requirements.

Jerry has built countless vehicles as one of the lead purveyors of the Southern California-based off-road suspension and fabrication company. For this Bronco Raptor, he enlisted a stacked roster of aftermarket accessory companies to outfit their products. Most of which actually upgrade functional performance.

SEMA 2022: Camburg's Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

Camburg’s Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

The first thing you notice is Bronco Raptor is highly stylized with various carbon fiber panels, front to back, and on top as well. This was most fitting since the vehicle was being showcased in the Anderson Composites 2022 SEMA Show booth. Anderson Composites specializes in carbon fiber and fiberglass components for late-model domestic performance vehicles. This includes all trim models of the Ford Bronco. Everything we have seen produced by this company always appears to have superior fit and finish and is as good as factory.

Jerry points out the Bronco Raptor carbon fiber fender flares, the side air vents, and the hood insert. These trim pieces were all done in a dry carbon matte finish. Baja Designs Squadron Pro lights were equipped at the a-pillar. Down on the front bumper was sporting a very nice arrangement of XL Linkable six lights setup. We also spotted the snazzy Baja Designs fog pocket light kit underneath. These were all bolt-on kits that did not require any custom fabrication.

For wheels and tires, Zaiden relies on General Tire X3 mud-terrains in 37-inch with KMC 17-inch GRS Wheels in the machined finish and satin black lip. Jerry also states he is running Srubblade Wipers and an Optima Yellow Top to help keep everything powered up.

Ford Bronco Carbon Fiber Doors!?!

More carbon fiber was found in the vehicle’s front and rear door openings. Anderson Composite produced these 4-door Ford Bronco tubular carbon fiber doors in a similar fashion you would expect from a high-end mountain bike. The end result is high-strength construction that weighs almost nothing at all. The new Bronco is made to go doorless if the driver and conditions allow for it. Ford made these panels to be easily removed. But why? Removing the doors is a common adaptation for off-road recreational enthusiasts. However, some states do not allow it for road-going vehicles. Door bars provide open-air benefits while providing enhanced containment satisfying the rules of the road.

SEMA 2022: Camburg's Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

If tube doors are not your thing but you dig the feeling and freedom of going doorless, Ander Composites has an alternative. Their Halo Doors are made of fiberglass and have an optional carbon fiber insert. These are available in both the 2-door and 4-door Ford Bronco configurations.

Camburg’s Bronco Raptor Interior

Inside Camburg’s Bronco Raptor, the mods continued. A Rugged Radio was installed with a Scoche Magic Mount holding the mic. There are also a few additional device mounts ready for road-tripping. Jerry noted the factory Ford Bronco Raptor carbon fiber was a near apparent match to the Anderson Composites aftermarket carbon fiber.

Ford Bronco Carbon Fiber Hardtop Roof

Zaiden walked us to the back and quickly spotlighted the Anderson Composites rear tire trim cover replacement and a license plate frame as well. The really exciting part was the Ford Bronco carbon fiber hardtop. This was done in high-quality all gloss UV-resistant coating to protect from yellowing. Anderson Composites makes these as a four-panel roof design and fits all 4-door Broncos. There are two individual panels in the front and a single panel over the rear passenger compartment. It comes with a diamond-stitched headliner that incorporates 6 layers of material. This includes foam, heat barrier, and sound deadener to reduce outside road noise and maintain cabin temperatures inside. Additionally, OE -style quarter locks and J-hooks ensure optimal fitment for assembly and disassembly. This is a high-end unit with a $9,499 price tag to match.

SEMA 2022: Camburg's Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

If you want or need an aftermarket Ford Bronco hardtop but do not need the bling, Anderson Composites has an all-fiberglass version. This comes with all the same features as the carbon-fiber version just manufactured with vacuum-infused fiberglass cloth. It comes in a black textured finish and cost $5,999. Both of the Anderson Composites Ford Bronco hardtops are designed to accept the optional Ford roof rack assembly and mount with OE hardware.

Camburg’s Bronco Raptor Is Equipped With A Magnaflow Exhaust System

Jerry continues on about one of his favorite features on his Bronco Raptor.  “Underneath the Bronco, you really got to take a peek at the MagnaFlow exhaust. They did an amazing job in these exhausts. You’ll see up under here the Dual tips. We got more clearance under there, but where the exhaust is really trick, is up inside the middle over here so take a peek at that.”

“What they have is this very complicated exhaust with valves so from the steering wheel you could actually control. From a quiet mode, a sort of quiet mode, a normal mode, and a Baja mode. You could really open up the exhaust with the valves. MagnaFlow did a great job tuning their exhaust to actually make this thing sound much better than they do stock.” – Jerry Zaiden

Ford Bronco Raptor With Big Baja Plans For The Future

This Bronco Raptor was definitely a SEMA Show standout, but Jerry is not done with the upgrades. The next thing on the list is the full Camburg performance off-road suspension treatment. Zaiden admits, the Ford Bronco Raptor is straight-up amazing as it sits. They plan to fabricate replacement lower arms with an integrated slapper, and upper arms in the front. In the rear, we can expect billet machined links and bigger shocks all around. Jerry enjoys using his vehicles to the fullest and has multiple adventures planned with his tricked-out Ford Bronco Raptor.

SEMA 2022: Camburg's Bronco Raptor Gets Carbon Fiber Everything

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