2019 PRI: PBM Performance Products Partners With Pro-Filer Heads

You know the name Erson. You know the reputation for quality. So, if they’ve chosen to partner with Pro-Filer Performance as an exclusive distributor, that should say something.

We spoke with Jack McInnis about how the partnership came to be. “We had been working with them for a while and they make fantastic stuff. It was decided that PBM would be an exclusive distributor. That way, Pro-Filer could focus its efforts on manufacturing and research and development, allowing us to apply our expertise to distribution and marketing.”

Jack also told us about the premium materials that make Pro-Filer heads a cut above the rest. “They have the best alloys and castings in the business. They only use virgin alloys – it’s not reconstituted junk. Their castings are extremely dense, making them very high-quality.”

As far as the application range for the cylinder heads, Jack explained the numerous offerings. “They currently have small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy, small-block Ford, and some other exciting stuff in the works. For small-block Chevys, they have heads ranging from 23-degree healthy performers all the way up to 13-degree, full-on performance, fearsome stuff.”

“They also have big-block Chevy Sniper and Sniper X, as cast and CNC 24-degree heads. Additionally, they produce the Hitman series of spread-port heads that are as fearsome as anything you’ll find.”

Lastly, we asked Jack about where he sees the partnership going in the future. He had this to say, “It fills a need in our product line with a super high-quality product. it will be great for everyone, including our companies and our customers.”

We couldn’t agree more. Erson’s valvetrain components can now be purchased alongside a pair of cylinder heads to match. If you’d like to know more about Pro-Filer’s cylinder heads or Erson’s valvetrain parts, check out pbm-erson.com.

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