PRI 2014: Deatschwerks Introduces DV2 Injectors and DW400 Pump

We spent some time with Deatschwerks during the 2014 PRI show about their 1,500 cc DV2 fuel injectors. According to DW’s David Deatsch, “These are the highest flowing, high impedance injectors, that work with everything.” Working with everything means that these injectors will work with gasoline, methanol, or ethanol.

The DV2 standard from Deatschwerks is based on Bosch’s EV14 technology, but not all EV14 injectors will meet these criteria, it is reserved for injectors over 1,000cc, and there are other critical criteria. The DV2 injectors are held to the highest standards for data, tuning, flow balancing, response time, and more. These injectors use low mass pintles, and high energy coils, to deliver incredibly fast response times. The result is a high performance injector that, in the hands of a skilled tuner, can yield stock like drivability, and reliable performance when you put your foot down on the throttle.

“Basically the DV2 standard is the best of what Deastchwerks has to offer,” says Deatsch. For full details and the complete breakdown on DV2, and what it means to enthusiasts and tuners, Deatschwerks has set up a white paper explaining precisely what the DV2 standard is. If you’re into knowing about the latest in engine and fuel system technology, like being an educated consumer, or are a tuner, the DV2 white paper is worth reading.


Deatschwerks was also showing off the DW400 fuel pump at PRI. According to Deatsch, this pump is set to take the title of the largest, high flowing in-tank pump on the market. “This pump will have all the applications and fitment kits available that our other pumps have.” The pump also has a carbon commutator making it compatible with E85 fuels.

The DW400 is able to maintain flow at high pressures. It is at higher pressures where maintaining flow is critical, especially in forced induction applications where fuel systems are often set up to increase pressure and deliver greater fuel volume as boost pressure rises. Deatsch says that part of the DW400’s ability to flow is because of the design of their pressure release valve. Typically this is designed at a lower pressure, to prevent damage to the pump and the fuel system during a crash, or if a line becomes kinked, often referred to as a “dead-head” situation, Deatsch says this is, in many cases this pressure is around 75 psi.

The DW400 pump PRV i set much higher, so that users running high boost can continue to crank up the fuel pressure to get the performance they’re looking for. “Once the PRV opens, flow drops off. We’re targeting 150psi, so that enthusiasts can run 120-140 PSI if they need to, with no problems.”

DW designed a new filter for the DW400 pump, so that it will fit properly, and be properly capable of flowing the right amount of fuel. They’re finalizing the fine details and preparing to release the pump early in 2015, with a target by the end of third quarter.

With a continual flow of new products, and a constant eye on improvement, as well as the latest in fuel injection technology, Deatschwerks will continue to be a major player in fuel system solutions.

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