SEMA 2019: Whipple Talks SEMA Builds And Gen 4 Superchargers

SEMA 2019: Whipple Talks SEMA Builds And Gen 4 Superchargers

While Whipple didn’t have a booth this year at the SEMA show, that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a considerable presence throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. We caught up with Dustin Whipple, and he gave us the lowdown on the new Gen 4 superchargers, as well as three of the many Whipple-equipped builds on display.

Each of the three vehicles he mentioned sport a 2.9-liter Gen 4 supercharger. The 1961 Ford Econoline van, as well as the 1968 Ford F-100 (belonging to KC’s Paint Shop) truck, have been Coyote swapped, while a 416-cubic-inch LS3 powers the 1969 Camaro built by Ringbrothers.

Whipple Gen 4 2.9L Supercharger

Each of the installed front-feed superchargers features a jackshaft along the side, allowing the air intake to happen at the front of the unit, making for easy fitment in restomod applications.

The Gen 4 features an entirely redesigned rotor, designed in-house at Whipple. The new rotor profile allows for a whole additional pound of boost utilizing the same pulley. Dustin tells us that it’s about 7-percent more efficient than its predecessor. That’s more power for the same price! We can’t argue with that.

While Whipple has always (for 32 years now) stuck with domestic supercharging, Dustin tells us they’re in the process of expanding into the Toyota market as well.

Beyond that, the Gen 5 is coming soon, along with several larger superchargers for a variety of applications. Dustin was tight-lipped, so we can’t wait to see what launches next.

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