SEMA 2021: ARP Clamps Down On Accessory Hardware Outside the Engine

SEMA 2021: ARP Clamps Down On Accessory Hardware Outside the Engine

ARP Bolts is primarily known for its incredible products found inside most high-horsepower engines. The strength of the company’s head studs has provided many boosted cars the ability to increase pressure without lifting the head. Meanwhile, on the bottom, its main studs have prevented cranks from walking for years. ARP wants you to know they are more than just a few studs and nuts, and this year, at SEMA, it showcased a catalog full of accessory hardware. This hardware can be utilized on the chassis or in a host of custom applications.

ARP displayed the transition from raw material to finished product

Accessory Bolt Line Up

Chris Raschke, director of sales and new products at ARP, spoke with us on how this idea came about.

“We know our customers want the heads and main studs, but we started to think, why not make sure the customer is covering the intake, the carburetor, or even the balancer?” said Raschke. “This accessory bolt line is going beyond the engine, and we’re starting to see OE manufacturers and aftermarket companies ordering from us. They appreciate our brand, our name, and the quality of our products.”

Raschke isn’t wrong about the main usage of its products, but this new lineup is also one of convenience. Instead of making trips to hardware stores or digging in your bolt bin, ARP has a website. Art Venegas of Sales and Tech at APR informed us, “if you go to the website with specific information such as head thickness, counterbore, and how many threads you need, we can check to see if we have the product.”

ARP has once again created a high-quality, durable product. However, this time it added a touch of convenience and will cover more of the chassis rather than just the engine. If you’re in need of new hardware for your drivetrain, wheels, or even custom applications, then you’re only a click away from ARP’s website.

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