SEMA 2021: Flaming River Microsteer Steers Us In the Right Direction

Everyone loves a classic Mustang — the looks, the lines and the lineage it has built is amazing. However, not everyone loves to get an upper body workout when turning the steering wheel. Maneuvering through tight parking lots or show events can become quite the burden. That can be a thing of the past with Flaming River’s new Microsteer Electric Power Assisted Steering package for 1965-1966 Ford Mustang.

The president of Flaming River, Jeanette Ladina, explained the new product package.

“The Microsteer package integrates the Microsteer into a steering column. The electronics are waterproof and allows owners to mount the ECU inside the car or outside.” This means those highly detailed show cars can hide the modern electronics outside of judging eyes.

Ladina continued, “While the adjustability of lock-to-lock is controlled by the rack and pinion, this is a power assist, alleviating the heavy steering feel. We also allowed the Microsteer steering column to tie into the speedometer.” Flaming River’s website goes into detail explaining that the microsteer column is only able to be installed one way, so the motor stays nicely tucked behind the cluster and lower dash panel. The column even comes in a paintable package for full customization.

Flaming River Microsteer steering column allows you to combine a modern power assist steering column with show-car quality. So, if you are tired of flexing muscles instead of your car’s ability to shine, this is the fix. After all, the term muscle cars wasn’t referring to what it takes to turn the steering wheel! Give Flaming River a call and have them steer your driving needs in the right direction.

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